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5 Tips before exercising with dumbbells at home

5 Tips before exercising with dumbbells at home

Most women are afraid to do a workout with dumbbells. Usually women think that dumbbells are only for men because they’re the ones that make men look muscular and most women don’t like to look like a bodybuilder. But should you really be afraid of them? Are you informed about the benefits of working out with dumbbells?

Every woman wants to look good and feel great in her skin. Some women can achieve their dream figure quite easy and with others it sometimes requires a little more effort. In addition to cardio exercises, dumbbells can make your body look toned and firm and they are useful for women as much as for men.

If you already do tons of cardio exercises, but you haven’t seen a satisfactory result and you don’t think that your body and muscles are toned and firmed enough, then you should definitely try exercising with dumbbells. You don’t have to choose dumbbells that are too heavy, usually for women, two to five pound dumbbells are perfect for many exercises. If you’ve decided to buy dumbbells so you can do a dumbbell workout at home, here are 5 tips before exercising with dumbbells at home:

5 Tips before exercising with dumbbells at home

Exercising with dumbbells at home tip #1

One of the most important tips when exercising with dumbbells at home is to do a dumbbell workout first, then cardio. It’s also great if you can combine the cardio exercises with dumbbell exercises and do one full body workout. But if you want to do the strengthening and cardio exercises separately, in that case you should always exercise with dumbbells first and then do the cardio. The reason for this is that your body needs 20-30 minutes to start using the fat as ‘fuel’. If you start with cardio exercises, then you’ll be already tired and you won’t have the energy to exercise with dumbbells.

Exercising with dumbbells at home tip #2

Try to do a dumbbell exercise everyday for certain muscle group. Don’t try to do a full body dumbbell workout in one day. It is best to divide the exercises by muscle groups and do one exercise in certain day of the week. For example, if one day you do dumbbell exercise at home for the upper body, the next day focus on dumbbell exercises for your legs.

Exercising with dumbbells at home tip #3

Make sure that you do a 48 hours break after you work out with dumbbells. That will give some time to your muscles to recover. It’s enough to do a dumbbell exercises 3 times a week to achieve excellent results.

Exercising with dumbbells at home tip #4

If you’ve never exercised with dumbbells before, start with light dumbbells. Take your time, and when you feel ready you can increase the weight. When you can do 15 repetitions with ease with that particular dumbbell weight, you can increase the weight a little.

Exercising with dumbbells at home tip #5

Breathe properly. While exercising with dumbbells, you should never forget to breathe. Keeping the air inside your lungs, can really increase your blood pressure. Always breathe out when you’re lifting the dumbbells and breathe in when you’re lowering the dumbbell.

Exercising with dumbbells at home – Simple workout program

Simple exercise program:

  • Start with 10 minutes of warm-up exercises.
  • Continue with 30 minutes of dumbbell exercises.
  • Finish with 20 minutes of cardio exercises.

Simple dumbbell exercise program:  3 times a week – one hour

  • Monday – Dumbbell exercises for the chest muscles, shoulders and arm.
  • Wednesday – Dumbbell exercises for the legs and butt.
  • Friday – Dumbbell exercises for the back.

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