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Tai Chi – Exercise for mind and body

Tai Chi is the ancient Chinese practice designed to develop the mind and body through a series of light, flowing movements that resemble a synchronized dance.
Deeply rooted in Chinese meditation, medicine and martial arts, tai chi combines the concentration of the mind with light, controlled movements so you can focus your mind, body and improve the flow of what the Chinese call ‘chi’ – the vital energy needed to maintain good health and calm the mind.

Benefits of Tai Chi
The list of benefits that regular practice of Tai Chi can bring is long, according to people who practice it. It can improve the body strength, flexibility of  the body, balance and coordination. Several studies argue also that tai chi can regulate the activity of the heart and reduce high blood pressure. The most significant benefit from the exercise, however, is to reduce stress levels in the body.

Body and mind
In Tai Chi both body and mind are constantly ‘challenged.’ It is difficult to determine which of the two parts of human unity is more beneficial, the experts say. In the beginning, however, the benefits are mainly for the body. Starting with the learning of a series of movements, all in the same pace, we become careful of our movements. When we are careful we realize our goals. Practicing Tai Chi, the mood, also the emotional and physical condition start to improve. Tai Chi is a way to counter the repetition of our activities in everyday life, where body movements are severely limited. Sitting, for example, in front of a computer all day, we do not use the potential and flexibility of the body and this leads to problems.

Good especially for adults
Of course, in the aging process the body strength is lowering, also the flexibility and mobility of joints. Since the balance is neglected, the risk of falling and getting serious injuries increases significantly with age. Tai Chi exercises include learning how to transfer the weight from one foot to the other, and also it improves balance and strength of both legs. A research showed that adults who practiced Tai Chi twice a week for an hour said that they feel improvement in the performance of certain activities such as walking, climbing, kneeling, sitting, standing, even getting dressed, unlike their peers who have not practiced this kind of exercise.

Tai Chi and weight
Because Tai Chi is a light exercise, it is a good choice for overweight people, experts say. It allows making fluid movement, which can be performed by overweight people too. With regular practice you will start to burn calories and you will start to lose weight. Tai Chi also provide an opportunity for understanding the needs of the body, it can help you to deal with negative emotions that cause the uncontrolled need for food and to reduce this need. With Tai Chi you will raise awareness of the needs of your organism in unity – as the mind and body.

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