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Hair straightening

Whether you are addicted to the hair straightener? If yes, we will now help you find out if you miss something while you do your hair shiny and perfectly straight. On the other hand, if you have never used  hair straightener, now you will learn how to do this and certainly you will want to try it.

Straight hair always has better shine, so now all women are directed toward the ideal straight hair. But you need to know that the frequent use of hair straightener affects the health of your hair.

Today there are various straighteners – large, small, metal, ceramic, with ionizer, with infrared technology and so on. Some of them straight the hair faster and more permanently, others not so. No matter what straightener you use, there are few universal rules how to get beautiful, shiny hair and perfectly straight.

Keep your hair healthy. Using the straightener damages the hair, makes it weak, and its peaks often split. If used often, even the most expensive hair straighteners destroy the hair. To maintain your hair healthy, use hair mask at least once a week and you must use the conditioner.
Protect your hair from high temperature. Before you begin to straight your hair, protect it with silicone drops or some product which protect the hair from the heat.
Keep the straightener in good shape. To maintain the straightener in good shape, do not leave it in the bathroom. This way you will protect it from the steam. Clean the plates of the straightener after each use.

How to straight your hair?

If your hair is very curly, it is best to first blow dry it with large brush. Do this lock by lock. This way most of the hair will be straightened before you use the straightener.
Always straighten your hair when it is dry. If your hair is not very curly, you can leave to dry naturally before you use the straightener. If you use the straightener on wet hair you will damage it more.
Apply product to protect your hair. The hair should be protected from high temperature. Apply a small amount of the product on your hand and blow dry your hair. Do not apply the product on your roots. Apply it  from the middle of the hair and move towards the peaks.
Separate locks of hair. The more locks you separate, the ‘lighter’ your hair will be. Start from the bottom of the head. Place the lock between the straightener plates and start to straighten.
Move from the roots to the tips. Do not keep the straightener too long in one place. If you need, straighten some lock twice, but do not do it consistently. Keep in mind that with each pass with the straightener you make more damage to your hair.