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The first contraceptive for men is fact

Scientists have created the world’s first male equivalent of the birth control pill, since so far all attempts to develop it have failed.

However, Israeli scientists managed to create a drug that disables the sperm cells before they reach the uterus. The pill should be taken only once in every three months. It may be marketed within three years, but it is still in negotiation.

They developed a pill that removes a vital protein in the sperm that is needed for conception. So when the sperm cells reach the uterus, they can not fertilize the egg cell.

Researchers are convinced that they have created a pill that is 100 percent effective in preventing pregnancy. It is durable and does have side effects, like ones that  women are complaining when taking contraceptives.

The big concern of the ladies is whether their partners will not forget to take the pill. But Israeli scientists have found the problem – the new drug can be taken either once a month or once in every three months.