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Simple ways to give yourself a facial massage

Simple ways to give yourself a facial massage

Have you ever wondered what you can do to make your skin look fresher and tighter? The answer is: Face massage. Yes, you don’t need fancy skin creams, although you’re free to use them, but you only need your fingers and our favorite natural oil and you can give yourself a facial massage at home.

Massage is an excellent way to improve your blood circulation in your skin. By doing it regularly, your skin will stay looking fresh and  youthful. But don’t do only face massage, your neck needs some love too. So here are few simple ways to give yourself a facial massage:

Simple ways to give yourself a facial massage

Simple ways to give yourself a facial massage at home

Step 1 –  Make sure that your hands, your face and neck are completely clean and dry, and lie down or sit where you feel most comfortable. You can also play your favorite music and relax.

Step 2 – Place your hands near your face but don’t touch it yet, you just need to feel their heat on your face. Breathe deeply and slowly, that will help you to fully relax. After you’ve relaxed, apply your favorite natural oil on your fingers (it can be extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil etc) and you’re ready to do your massage. Don’t apply too much oil, one teaspoon is more than enough, you only need to be able to glide your hands on your skin so you won’t be dragging your skin too much. Using natural oil s a good choice because the skin doesn’t absorb it for quite a while so you have enough time to do your home facial massage.
If you like, you can also use a face cream or serum instead of the oil, but make sure that you choose a product that doesn’t gets absorbed straight away, because you want to be able to massage your face for at least 5-10 minutes.

Step 3 – Start the home facial massage by massaging your face carefully. Start from your temples and massage them gently with circular motion. Then continue to your eyebrows, cheeks, nose and finish the massage to your jaw. Always massage your face with circular movements in any direction that you want.

Step 4 – If you want to reduce and avoid getting wrinkles around your eyes, then massage the area under your eyes with extremely gentle circular movements. For this purpose use only one or two fingers, or if you can use your ring finger because it’s the ‘weakest’ and creates the least pressure. This part of your face  is most gentle, so be very careful.
To reduce the dark circles around your eyes, place the index finger and middle finger of both hands on top of your nose. Then, carefully begin to move your fingers from the top of your nose to the inner corner of your eyes passing all the way under your eyes and finishing on the outer corner of your eyes. Repeat this movement about ten times.

Step 5 – If you massage your cheeks with circular movements, you will improve the blood circulation to your face and your skin will be healthier. This way your skin will become more firmer and you’ll get a natural rosy cheeks. Just massage your cheeks gently and don’t pull your skin too much.

Step 6 – After you’ve done a massage with circular movements, massage your forehead horizontally and vertically. Place the tips of your four fingers (both hands) on the center of your forehead and start to glide them all the way to your temples. Finally, glide your hands over your face, just like you do while you wash it with water.

Step 7 – Another area that most women forget is the neck. To massage your neck, place your right hand on your collarbone or as lower as you want, gently grab your neck and glide your hand all the way to your chin. When your right hand has reached your chin, do the same with your left hand and switch hands as faster as you like. Make sure that you do this massage gently because the skin on your neck is gentle too.

The massage should last for about 5-10 minutes. After you’re done with your home facial massage, wash your hands and face to get rid of the excess oil and apply your favorite moisturizer. Or if you want to moisturize your face with the natural oil, just remove the excess oil with a paper towel and you’re good to go.

The effort and cost that you put in a home facial massage is minimum, and the pleasure is to the maximum. Take some time for yourself, because time passes really quickly and with age your face will need more and more attention to look fresh and young. So start today and give yourself a facial massage at home.

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