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Fake nails – pretty but dangerous

Recently fake nails have become a very fashionable procedure to get a long nails. However, not everyone knows that artificial nails can cause serious damage.

Doctors believe that the extension of the nails can provoke very severe allergic reaction. This applies not only to the followers of this fashion trend, but also for the women who make the manicure.

Specialists have conducted research on 550 women aged 20-70 years: half of these women are engaged professionally in manicure business, the other half were their clients. All these women had contact with the substance methacrylate, which is used during the procedure to longer the nails, and in practice doctors found that is cause of severe allergy.

In the U.S. methacrylate is officially banned, but people still use it. After long research scientists found that methacrylate cause paronychia (inflammation of the area around the nail) and onycholysis (splitting of the nail).

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