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Men forget to be romantic with their patrners

Men forget to be romantic with their patrners

When was the last time you received an unexpected gift from your loved one or a rose without no particular occasion? If your partner have made such a small surprise in the last year, then you’re lucky, because you got yourself one of really few romantics.

Men forget to be romantic with their patrnersOne UK research showed that men forget to be romantic with their partners. 55% of women haven’t received an unexpected gift from their partner for more than 1 year and 19% of women have given up waiting for him to give them flowers and they began buying flowers on their own.

The results suggest that men are less likely to try to impress their partners with romantic gestures, after one year. Every 10th man aged under 25 gave their partner a gift that someone else have gave to them, and 18% of men over 25 gave their girlfriends a gift that they got for free.

72% of young men admitted that they rarely or never buy flowers for their partner.

This research, which involved 1176 men and women, also¬†confirmed that men don’t remember many special days in their relationship. 62% of men under 25 admitted that they don’t remember on what date they celebrate their relationship anniversary. Older men are slightly better (probably because they celebrated/forgotten their anniversary more often). Thus, 66% of men over 55 years know when it’s their anniversary.

Unlike in the past, today more women pay the bill when they go on a first date.

When it comes to choosing a gift for a special occasion, women plan the gift 24 days ahead, and men – 16. One third of the men admitted that they have started to think about the gift just one day before they gave it to their partner.

‘Men can learn how to be a gentlemen from their fathers and grandfathers’ – said a representative of the company that conducted the research.

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