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Not sleeping well leads to obesity

Sleep may be more important than you think. Except that after a good sleep you are more relaxed, energetic and refreshed, good sleep also improves the health of the heart. This is shown in recent study.

Also, sleep is related with our weight. The study involved 14 nurses who voluntarily joined the new program for the prevention of heart disease. They were categorized as “short” and “long” sleepers.

Getting less sleep proved that they have bigger weight, which is close to overweight, compared with those who sleep well. In the first group were also observed those with a difficulty for falling asleep and sleep disturbance. And since the body is not well relaxed, it requires more energy, that’s why we consume more food which leads to obesity, according to another survey data.

One of the main reasons for the sleep disturbance is stress and problems that contribute to gaining weight. Disturbed sleep leads to reduced production of the hormone leptin, which is responsible for feelings of hunger, so that’s why there is increased appetite in the individual.

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