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Weight loss and carbohydrates – Best carbs for weight loss

Weight loss and carbohydrates - Best carbs for weight loss

When it comes to weight loss, almost every woman is tries to consume less bread or pasta. This is because most people believe that food rich in carbohydrates leads to weight gain.

But many experts believe that this is an outdated concept and that the correct carbohydrates they can actually help with weight loss. After numerous studies it has been shown that certain foods that contain carbohydrates, help to reduce the fat cells and burn fat, increase muscle mass, control blood sugar levels, extend the period of satiety and reduce cholesterol.

So, as incredible as it sounds, having a diet based on the intake of certain carbohydrates can help you to maintain your desired weight. This particular type of carbohydrates are polysaccharides also called resistant starch. However, to have good result from the consumption of polysaccharides, you must reduce the consumption of mono and disaccharides such as glucose and refined sugar.

Weight loss and carbohydrates - Best carbs for weight loss

Weight loss and carbohydrates – Best carbs for weight loss

Don’t think that carbohydrate weight loss diets will allow you to eat muffins and cookies the whole day. This type of diets will only allow you to eat foods that contain resistant starch.

Studies show that if you eat breakfast foods rich in resistant starch, your body will start to burn fat more intensely during the day, you’ll burn 25% more calories than usual and you’ll have a 10% fewer calorie intake because you’ll feel full for longer.

Foods rich in resistant starch aren’t that special. On the contrary, you can find them everywhere every day – whole wheat bread, cereals, potatoes and bananas. You can also eat fruits, broccoli, cucumbers, peanuts, whole wheat pasta and cheese.

It’s known that about 60% of the energy needed by your body during the day, comes from carbohydrates.

Weight loss diet with carbohydrates (resistant starch)

The weight loss diet with carbs (resistant starch) is nothing too complicated. Like most weight loss diets, it’s based on reducing calorie intake to 1200-1600 per day in order to have quick results, throwing out the unhealthy foods from your daily menu and consuming of healthy foods.

Ideally, this diet should last no more than 28 days. During the first week, the total number of consumed calories per day should be 1200 (divided into 4 small meals), and in the next days – 1600 (split into 5 meals). The basic rule of this diet is that each meal should include at least one product containing resistant starch. You can eat whatever else you want (healthy foods of course) but foods rich in resistant starch must be 25% (1/4) of your meal.

Here are few foods rich in resistant starch:

Banana – quantity: medium banana – resistant starch: 0.165 oz
Boiled brown rice – quantity: ½ cup – resistant starch: 0.059 oz
Boiled potatoes – quantity: medium potato – resistant starch: 0.112 oz
Boiled lentils – quantity: ½ cup – resistant starch: 0.119 oz
Cooked white beans – quantity: ½ cup – resistant starch: 0.134 oz
Oatmeal – quantity: ½ cup – resistant starch: 0.162 oz

You can include foods rich in resistant starch in your daily menu by making smoothies, having oatmeal for breakfast or just as a side dish to lean meat or fish.

Benefits of carbohydrates (resistant starch)

– Carbohydrates keep you fuller for longer, once they go into your digestive system, they swell and create a feeling of satiety. At the same time they reduce the amount of consumed food in general.

– Carbohydrates and more specifically resistant starch are processed slowly by your digestive system, leading to less feeling hunger.

– They keep the blood sugar levels normal. The slow processing and their absorption into the blood helps the blood sugar to maintain the same normal level without drastic changes.

– Carbohydrates also promote the absorption of fat. After fats are processed they go into the body in the form of energy and don’t stay in the form of fat deposits.

– Especially during a weight loss diet, carbohydrates play an important role for proper digestion and thus lead to regular bowel and body cleansing. For this purpose, you should regularly consume whole wheat bread, fruits and vegetables, various legumes and nuts.

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