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11 beauty tricks

Every women has her own trick about beauty and styling. Some of them are really good and some of them are carzy bur effective. Here are 10 tricks that you might not know:

1. Warm the eye pencil or lip pencil for a better result. You can do it either with your hands or using the hair dryer. The result is more intense colors and easy application.
2. Re-use the crushed eyeshadow or blush. If the eye shadows or blush break down, it is no reason to not use it again. They will become cream eye shadow or cream blush if you  mix it with vaseline or eye gel.
3. Protect teeth from lipstick. After you apply the lipstick, put your finger in your mouth. Try to suck the finger inward as you withdraw the finger out. The lipstick that otherwise would stay on your teeth, will stay on the finger.
4. Keep your eyebrow hair in place. If you have a fizzy eyebrows, take an old toothbrush and spray some hair spray on it. Then quickly pass the brush through your eyebrows. They will stay fixed.
5. For white nails – toothpaste. Nails often get yellow spots from the different nail polishes. To keep your nails white, rub them with toothpaste.
6. Keep down the “baby” hair. If you have baby hair, which does not stay as you wish, keep it down it with the help of hand lotion. Apply a little lotion on your hands and go through the hair.
7. Nice smelling hair. Spray the hair brush with your favorite perfume. Then brush the hair.
8. Dilute the shampoo and hair conditioner. Many shampoos and conditioners are too thick, so you can dilute them with water. Apart from getting a product that is easily applied, and you save money.
9. Hair conditioner as a shaving cream. Your conditioner can be an excellent shaving lotion, especially if you don’t use it for your hair.
10. Warm the body lotion for better absorption. Put the lotion in microwave and warm it a little, but do not allow to become hot. Or just rub some lotion in your hands until warm. Warm lotion is easily absorbed into the skin.                         11. Hair mask as a conditioner. If you’re out of conditioner, dilute some hair mask with water and use it as a conditioner. You’ll get the same results.