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18 Tips to reduce stress and stop anxiety

18 Tips to reduce stress and stop anxiety

We are aware that stress is a major enemy of our health and beauty, and yet we all accept it in our daily lives as something normal, we don’t try any tips for reducing stress and we don’t try to minimize its harmful effects. The truth is that the stress relief and reducing anxiety may be easier and more fun than you think. There are so many different ways to reduce stress and anxiety and you can always find something that will make you happy. Here are some tips to reduce stress and stop anxiety:

18 Tips to reduce stress and stop anxiety

Stress relief tip – Visualize beautiful things

Close your eyes and imagine that you are in a place that you consider to be paradise on earth. Imagine that you run barefoot on a green meadow, you are on an exotic beach or you are in the bedroom of your child and you see him/her while sleeping.

Stress management tip – Count to 10

Count slowly to 10 in all the languages ​that ​you know or that you ever tried to learn. This way your brain will focus on counting, so when you get to 10 you will be much more relaxed than when you started counting.

Stress relief tip – Get some sleep

It is estimated that every fourth person suffers from stress caused mainly by the lack of sleep. Take a shower with warm water to relax the muscles of your body and go to bed an hour earlier than usual.

Stress management tip – Clear the space around you

If the space around you is crowded, it further contributes to the stress. Clear the desk or bedside table and only place some things that are most necessary. Sort your books, pack things that you don’t use and move them from your view. When everything is arranged, you’ll feel more satisfied and relaxed.

Stress relief tip – Read 5 pages of your favorite book

We all have at least one book that we can read again and again. Give yourself a ten minute break and read at least 5 pages from it.

Stress management tip – Sing out loud

Never mind whether you sound good or you sing the right words. Play your favorite song and sing out loud. Singing will make you happier, and also it is useful for proper breathing. If you dance to the song, even better because you’ll do a quick exercise too.

Stress relief tip – Inhale lavender aroma

Put a little lavender essential oil on your wrists and inhale deeply. It is known that the scent of lavender reduces the hormones that cause stress. Deep breathing contributes to the distribution of oxygen throughout your body and it is calming.

Stress management tip – Have a glass of orange juice

Squeeze two juicy oranges and add the juice from half a lemon. The sour taste, lovely aroma and vitamin C together will bring you better mood and less stress. Researchers claim that vitamin C can help people to effectively cope with stressful situations, because it can reduce the level of stress hormones.

Stress relief tip – Play with your pets

Pets bring joy to their owners. Play with your dog in the park, pet your kitty for ten minutes or stare in your aquarium fish.

Stress management tip – Relax with nice music

If you are a fan of classical music, listen to a few songs, but if you don’t enjoy it, listen to songs with nice lyrics. Lie down, close your eyes and concentrate only on the music or the lyrics. Music therapy will help you not only to relax but it can also reduce pain.

Stress relief tip – Chew bubble gum

It can freshen your breath, but chewing gum can also help you to relax. According to studies, chewing gum reduces stress and anxiety, and also improves mental performance.

Stress management tip – Hug someone

This way you will reduce your stress levels and you’ll brighten the day of someone else. Don’t greet your friends with a routine kiss on the cheek, but hug them. Don’t send your child to school with just a routine ‘bye’, but hug him/her tight.

Stress relief tip – Let a few tears

If you are under tremendous stress and feeling too much tension, don’t hesitate, go to a quiet place and let the tears run down. Crying is a very useful and is one of the most effective ways of relieving stress.

Stress management tip – Laugh to funny videos

Watch a video that always brings you a big smile. And then watch several related funny videos and laugh out loud. Laughing out loud is really relaxing and it’s very ‘infectious’. And if there’s someone to laugh along with you, the entertaining moment will last longer and you’ll forget the stress and anxiety, guaranteed.

Stress relief tip – Talk to someone

Being quiet about your problems and things that bother you will bring you even greater stress. When you are tense, talk to a loved one and you’ll immediately feel like a stone falling from your chest. You don’t have to have your conversation in person, just pick up the phone and call someone that means something to you. Even if you decide that you don’t want to talk about problems, hearing the voice of a close person will bring you a great relief.

Stress management tip – Have a massage

Using your fingertips massage your temples and the area between your eyebrows and above the nose. Put a tennis ball or a foam ball on the bed and lie on it. Move your waist left and right, then slide back and forth and massage your back with the tennis ball.

Stress relief tip – Be creative

The most beautiful works of art were created when the artists were under the influence of strong emotions. It isn’t necessary to be Picasso to paint a picture or Shakespeare to write a few words. Just convert the strong feelings into some kind of artwork. Take a bit of clay and make small sculptures or take few beads and make a bracelet. There are many ways to reduce stress, as well as to unlock your creativity.

Stress management tip – Have sex

When you are under stress, being intimate with your partner is certainly the last thing that comes to your mind. But making love can reduce the tension that you feel and will help you to get rid of the unpleasant stress.

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