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Most idiotic remarks after sex

What could spoil the good sex? The ‘geniousness’ after! Here are examples of the most idiotic remarks after sex:

10. So how was it? Absolutely never ask that question! If you failed you will look pathetic and if you have done well you will look self-centered, and in either case it is better to keep quiet.

9. Where did you learned all this? What on earth do you care where your boyfriend had received sexual education? To be interested from a previous relationship is one thing, but to ask for details in bed is beneath criticism.

8. Is the condom well? Yes, it is well, otherwise both by now will have noticed it. If you have doubts, get up and see alone, but do not make unnecessary paranoia.

7. I have to make a call. Right now? Talking on the phone is extremely annoying, but at this time is simply unacceptable.

6. Tell me more about yourself. It is a real nonsense to say something like that after sex, because you officially declare that you do not know anything about your partner. If you want to get to know him, give yourselves some time as a couple. And if it was a one-night only, you complicate the situation with this issue.

5. Did you come really? Yes, unfortunately this is a typical male issue. First you show that you are inexperienced, second you think that if it is indeed faked she will confess it and third – chances that she had a real orgasm is one to three, so make your own conclusion.

4. Oh, you remind me, once I did it in this hotel… If you want never to have sex with this man then continue. There is nothing more annoying than being in bed with someone and he / she starts to make comparisons.

3. Sorry, can you bring me a glass of water? No, I can not. If not noticed I’m with no clothes and tired. The fact that we had sex does not mean that I should serve you – if you are thirsty, get your water yourself.

2. Can I stay a little bit alone? And where should I go? Under the bed to hide? If you need space, get up, go to the balcony and smoke a cigarette or take a shower. But you do not have to stick in the face – that is offensive.

1. What do you think? There is only one word for this reply and that is epic! It is in first place, because we believe that beats all points in imbecility. All women over 16 years know that a person after sex does not think. The truth is that usually he is sleepy, or hungry. The third option is to have sex again, but then talking is unnecessary.

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