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When you should get married

It is difficult to give correct and accurate answer to this question. The ideal age to get married depends on many factors, and most of the person’s own personalities.

What shows the research?

Today there is a tendency getting married to be delayed. It’s increasing though, the couples to begin to live together without the fateful ‘yes’. In fact, research in America shows that the approximate age of marriage for women is now 25, and men-28th. Most young married couples jump into the marital waters at the end of their 20ties or beginning of 30 years.

What causes this tendency?

Career is one of the main reasons why young people avoid marriage. Others want to live their life and to be free to travel before entering into serious relationship. For some money are the basic obstacle, which should be enough for life as a new family.


There isn’t exactly certain age, which is ideal and that would guarantee you a happy marriage. Before you decide to take that step, it is essential to consider two things:

Are you in love? If you are not convinced that your partner is the one that you want to spend your whole life with, it is better not to rush. Marriage should be the crown of your love and if that love does not exist, it will be best for both of you to not enter in a marriage which will torture you.
Are you financially stable? If you are unable to support yourselves, it is better to delay this important step. Marriage is the basis for creating a family, and if you now don’t have a nice life, it will get worse when you have a baby.

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