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Raw food diet

Raw food diet is based on the consumption of unprocessed and uncooked food such as fresh vegetables and fruits, seeds, granular foods, nuts, dried fruit and seaweed.

Some supporters of the diet with raw food are vegetarians too, i.e they do not eat food of animal origin, but there are those who consume raw meat, raw milk, raw eggs and some other products of animal origin. Usually at least 75% of the food should be eaten raw.

Sticking to nearly all diets should be for a certain period to be effective. That is not the case with this diet. There is no recommended period, because the raw food diet should be considered as a way of lifestyle and can practiced constantly.

Why raw food diet?

Supporters of this diet tend to eat raw food because they believe that when food is cooked at temperatures higher than 46 ° C it loses it’s enzymes, which help the food to be better digested and absorbed by the body.

Cooking food loses most nutrients and vitamins. Therefore it’s considered that the raw food is healthier.

Advantages and disadvantages

Raw food diet like other diets have it’s positive and negative sides.

Better-looking skin;
More energy;
Loss of body weight;
Maintenance of body weight;
Reducing the level of bad cholesterol, i.e significantly reduces the risk of heart and other cardiovascular diseases.
Requires good organization;
You should be very motivated;
It is difficult to keep up to, especially when eating in a restaurant;
Cravings for cooked food;
Problems with digestion of food.