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10 Beauty uses for Vaseline (Petroleum jelly)

10 Beauty uses for Vaseline (Petroleum jelly)

Vaseline is a brand of petroleum jelly that is used everywhere around the world. It is mostly known because it locks the moisture on the skin, but here are 10 beauty uses for Vaseline (petroleum jelly) that you might not know:

10 Beauty uses for Vaseline (Petroleum jelly)

Beauty use for Vaseline #1 – As a lip balm

Vaseline locks in the moisture and this helps to soften the lips and to make them smooth. Put on some Vaseline on your lips before bedtime. In the morning you can use a toothbrush or a simple homemade sugar lip scrub to exfoliate your lips.

Beauty use for Vaseline #2 – Soften the cuticles and rough skin

Vaseline is a practical product for softening the cuticles before you do your manicure. It also helps to soften the rough skin on the elbows, knees and feet. If you apply Vaseline for time to time, on the areas where the skin is rough and cracked, you’ll soon see that your skin gets softer and smoother.

Beauty use for Vaseline #3 – As a makeup remover

Many women use Vaseline to remove their makeup, especially makeup that is waterproof or oil based. You can apply some Vaseline on a cotton pad and gently remove your makeup.

Beauty use for Vaseline #4 – For thicker lashes

Some women claim that regular use of Vaseline helps the eyelashes to grow longer and thicker. If you want to try this Vaseline eyelash treatment, gently rub a little Vaseline on the roots of your eyelashes every night before you go to bed.

Beauty use of Vaseline #5 – Long lasting perfume

If you want your perfume to stay longer on your skin here’s a little trick: Before you use your favorite perfume, apply thin coat of Vaseline on the areas where you’ll spray the perfume. It will help the perfume to last longer and linger on your skin.

Beauty use of Vaseline #6 – Fix the disheveled eyebrows

If your eyebrows easily get disheveled and messy, especially if you have thicker eyebrows, you can use a little Vaseline to tame and define your eyebrows. Just apply a little Vaseline onto your eyebrows and fix them with a spoolie brush. If you use eyebrow pencil to define your eyebrows, apply some Vaseline after you’ve applied your eyebrow pencil.

Beauty use of Vaseline #7 – Hide the split ends

The split ends can make your hair look dry and damaged because they usually stand out especially if you have lighter hair. To smooth the dry ends, use a little Vaseline. Your hair will look much better.

Beauty use of Vaseline #8 – Put on your earrings easier

If you have a hard time putting earrings on your ears, brush the area around the holes with a little Vaseline. The earrings should slip more easily.

Beauty use of Vaseline #9 – Get off a stuck ring

This trick is perhaps the most known use of Vaseline and probably the most useful. If you have a stuck ring on your finger, apply a generous amount of Vaseline around the ring and on your finger. It will create a slippery surface and you’ll be able to easily take off the ring.

Beauty use of Vaseline #10 – Polish your handbags or shoes

If your old fake leather shoes or handbags look a little worn off, you can polish them with a little Vaseline and make them shiny again. Just apply a little Vaseline on a cotton cloth and polish them until they’re shiny.

What other ways do you use Vaseline?

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