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How To Master The Smokey Eye Makeup

How To Master The Smokey Eye Makeup

No mater how the trends are changing, the smokey eye look always remains popular, and Hollywood stars adore it. Why? Because with it you can easily achieve sexy, seductive, mysterious and dramatic look.

For creating the perfect smokey eyes look, it is very important that the eyeshadows are be well blended with no sharp edges between the different colors. Learn a simple way to achieve sexy ‘smokey’ look and read a few tips that will facilitate the process of this make-up technique and will help you to avoid unpleasant situations.

How To Master The Smokey Eye Makeup

How To Master The Smokey Eye Makeup

When someone say smokey eyes, most women immediately think of black and gray shadows. After all, it’s the most used combination. But apart from the standard black and gray combination, this look can be achieved with other colors.

Great combinations: gold base in combination with a dark purple shade, light-based creamy colors (champagne color) combined with dark blue, peach or apricot color combined with dark green shade.

Basically you need two shades, one light and one dark, but you can also use several colors that compliment eachother.

Matte, pearly or sparkly? It is best to use a matte eye shadows, but if you decide that you want a little more glamour to your makeup, pearly and sparkly should be the only bright shade that you’ll use, and use them only in the inner corner of your eyes. The dark eyeshadow is best to be matte.

Cream eyeshadows or powder eyeshadows? It is recommended that you use powder eyeshadows. Cream eyeshadows can be used only as a base because they are very difficult to blend with one another.

It’s best to use black or gray eye pencil, but you can also experiment with purple or dark blue. However it’s best that the mascara is black.

How To Master The Smokey Eye Makeup – 5 steps

Prepare your eyelids. You can’t skip this step, because it’s especially important if you want to avoid the unpleasant creasing and smudging. Apply primer on your eyelids. You can use your favorite brand, or you can make your own at home.

Outline your eyes with eye pencil. Outline your upper and lower lid. When you outline (tightline) your upper lid, start by applying a thin line in the inner corner of the eye and thicken the line as you move towards the outer corner of your eye. Apply eye pencil also on your waterline.

Apply a light shade. With a brush apply light eyeshadow to the inner half of your lower lid, on the area under your brow and on the inner corner of your eye.

Apply a dark eyeshadow. With a smaller brush apply the dark eyeshadow in the outer corner of your eye and bring the color to the center of your eye. Then, with a thin brush apply the dark shadow on the lower lid, as close as possible to the eyelashes. Then with a blending brush start to blend the two colors together. Apply some light eyeshadow in your inner corner to make your eyes look more open.

Finalizing the look with mascara. Apply 2 coats of mascara so your lashes will look long and thick.

How To Master The Smokey Eye Makeup – Extra tips

Protect your face. When you do this makeup look, leave the application of face powder for the end, once you’ve finished your eyes. While applying your eyeshadow there will be a lot of fallouts on your face and it’ll be harder to remove it if you have applied powder. But if you still decide to apply your powder before you start with your eyes, then using a large brush apply a bigger quantity of powder under your eyes. The eyeshadow that will fall on the powder can be easily brushed off along with the excess powder with clean blush brush.

Never use liquid eyeliner with smokey eyes. Liquid eyeliner leaves precisely defined line and the goal of smokey eyes is that all the layers of makeup should be very well joined so that they will gradually change from the darkest to the brightest color.

If you have eyes that are slightly apart, then do not apply bright shade on the inner corner of eyes. Just try to blend in the dark color so that in the inner corners it will be lighter.

Lips and cheeks. It is advisable to leave your lips to be natural nude color. It is always good to follow the rule ‘highlight your eyes or lips, but never both simultaneously’.  It’s enough to just use clear lip gloss. Also, don’t exaggerate with the blush and contouring.

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