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Foundation – essential base for every makeup

Foundation - essential base for every makeup

One of the most frequently asked questions related to our makeup is: Should I use liquid, cream or powder foundation? Or to use neither? To the delight of beauty product lovers, we live in 21 century where technology and scientific progress is at its peak and allow the cosmetics industry to grow extremely fast. Therefore you need to make only one choice – which is better for your skin and the look that you want to achieve.

Foundation - essential base for every makeup

What are the most used types of foundation?

Liquid foundation is the most popular makeup base which you can find in different colors and shades. Almost every woman use it in her everyday life. There are different versions of moisturizing foundations, foundation with dewy or matte effect, etc. The truth about this makeup product is that it can be heavy and ‘cakey’ on your face if you overdo it. Also it should be thoroughly removed before you go to bed because if not, it can cause clogged pores, blackheads or even acne.

Since foundation can very easily clog your pores, it is essential to choose a foundation with better quality and from a trusted brand. Especially with spring and warm weather coming, it is advisable to restrict the use of foundation and powder during the day and to use just a sheer foundation or tinted moisturizing cream (BB cream or CC cream) that will give  your skin the ‘porcelain effect’ which will make your face smooth and give it natural glow, without oily shine.

But this almost always depends on the quality of the foundation, as there are brands that are more expensive, but they can be a better quality and will not make your face to look ‘cakey’ and unnatural.

For an evening look, if you decide to go to a party or restaurant, you can choose foundation with more coverage and create a matte effect by setting the foundation with powder. The powder will make your skin smooth and prevent the unpleasant shine after couple of hours.

Also foundations set with a translucent powder are good choice for oily and acne prone skin. Depending on the brand, there are foundations that contain antibacterial ingredients that keep the as skin healthy as possible. The setting powder will give the skin a velvety smooth look without completely clogging the pores.

For powder foundation lovers, it is recommend using foundation with matting properties too, since only that way you can obtain the desired smooth effect. Don’t confuse powder foundation with translucent powder, they are two different things. Powder foundation can be used as a foundation on its own, while translucent powder is used mainly to set the liquid foundation and makeup.

The final touch to your spring /summer makeup is bronzer or highlighter with pearly or bronze particles, which will make your skin glow. But use this kind of makeup lightly and delicately, only on the areas that you want to highlight or contour.

Is it necessary to wear a foundation?

We all know that if we want to have a perfect complexion it is important to pay special attention to the basic which is the foundation. It has become an important part of the makeup of both models and actresses, and it’s an essential part of the makeup bags of millions of women worldwide.

Foundation gives you an incredibly smooth, radiant and flawless skin. It makes you not only look perfect, but to look younger and more beautiful. In one word – great foundation makes every girl happy.

But to create this flawless look of your skin, you need to learn to choose the correct color and shade that will match your skin tone, otherwise your face will look ‘cakey’ and unnatural.

The truth is that you must follow the some basic rules abut choosing the right foundation. Makeup is an art that every girl wants to learn and master.

Here are a few simple tips on how to choose and apply your foundation:

Choose the right shade of foundation

The perfect foundation should match your skin tone. So when you choose your foundation it is better to test it on your face rather than on your wrist. The correct way to test the shade is to apply a little foundation on the side of your jaw.

When buying a foundation choose one that’s suitable for your skin type

Oily, dry, combined, sensitive or acne prone, every skin type is different. So you need to choose a foundation suitable for your skin type. If you are not sure which foundation to choose, consult the sales consultant and do a little research online. Applying foundation shouldn’t be just for getting a flawless look, but it should also be good for your skin.

Before applying foundation, apply a moisturizer

You should apply moisturizer or primer and wait for 5-10 minutes for it to absorb. This is done to create a good base for your makeup and to protect your skin from drying.

Apply small dots of foundation on the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks

Using your fingers, brush blender or a sponge, apply small dots of foundation on your forehead, nose, chin and cheeks and blend it on your face. Try to blend the foundation especially well on the jaw and eyebrow area, because those are the areas where the foundation can be most visible if it’s not blended well.
When the foundation is properly blended, it shouldn’t be noticeable, your skin should look smoother and more radiant, and the imperfections covered. If you aren’t satisfied with the coverage, don’t overdo it with too many layers of foundation. All you need to do is before applying foundation, to use a concealer to hide the imperfections.

Apply blush after you’ve applied foundation

After applying foundation if you want to put some blush on your cheeks, wait for a few minutes until the skin absorbs the moisture from the foundation and apply your favorite powder or cream blush.

If you apply your foundation properly, you’ll have a great base for your makeup, your face will look smooth and glowing and you’ll be naturally irresistible.

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