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Top 6 dumb sex studies

Probably you do not know, but researches about sex pass many obstacles. Besides all the usual scientific community problems with funding, they are also faced with concerns to speak frankly on the topic, and rather difficult to verify the claims of those polled. Which does not prevent scientists to direct their efforts, sometimes in strange and unnecessary directions, like this:

6. The pain of oral sex.
Researches has shown that young girls are sorry that they have agreed to oral sex twice more often than young boys.

5. Hormonal problems that negatively affect the sex life.
Researches showed that the root of the problems that often stand in sex life are hormonal problems. As we all know, the hormones are directly related to the sexual functions. Hardly anyone has to show to us that if our hormonal level is bad, then our sexual capacity will be low.

4. Men and women are equal.
Scientists dedicated to this whole study to demonstrate that not all men cheat and not all women are faithful. Great discovery!

3. Sex and sexual dreams are related
Scientists have set great goal to find erotic connection between our dreams and our sex life. They managed to find out only that in erotic dreams people dream about … sex.

2. Women love oral sex.
A psychologist spent 30 years in studies to prove that women love oral sex and they easily reach orgasm with oral sex. That could be told by every woman, and without the help of a psychologist and sex therapist.

1. Why do people have sex?
A university has decided to be a pioneer in the answer to this ontological question. And really they found the answer: ‘Because they want to.’ And you what did you think?

The most common reason why people have sex is the physical pleasure. It remains to be added that scientists have discovered that common knowledge for 5 years and with a considerable amount of research.

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