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Women like jeans on sale more than intimacy

Finding the perfect jeans is the mission of every woman. Well, when you find the right jeans that hug your curves perfectly, it is normal to feel a great excitement and happiness. And when they are on a discount, you will feel like you have earned a great reward. New research has found that in half of women the excitement ... Read More »

10 Secrets of happily married couples

10 Secrets of happily married couples

Does your heart melt whenever you see a smiling seniors still walking hand in hand with love and affection in their eyes? Do you want you and your husband to be like them when you turn 60 or 70? Then clearly you need to maintain the happiness and love in your marriage every single day. Here are a 10 secrets of ... Read More »

13 tips on how to reduce dandruff

tips on how to reduce dandruff

Dandruff is one of the biggest enemies of beautiful hair. The small white flakes that look like snowflakes are easily visible and create an unpleasant appearance (especially if you wear black clothes) and that causes you to feel bad and embarrassed. It is estimated that around 60% of people are faced with the problem called dandruff at some point in their lives. Dandruff can occur at any age after puberty, but it often occurs during puberty. It is believed that men suffer more from dandruff than women. The causes of dandruff ... Read More »

Signs that you need to breakup

Breaking up is not an easy job, especially if you have been together for a long time. But some relationships just do not have future. The more you wait, the longer you will need to get over him. If in your relationship there are some of the following signs, you need to start thinking about the sad breaking up. He does not ... Read More »

Make your long-term relationship more romantic

We all want a relationship like in the romantic movies, every day to be filled with tenderness, romantic gestures and warm words. But the reality is very different, at least for most couples. At the beginning most of the men and women gladly keep the relationship exciting, but over time that enthusiasm fades, and also the creativity of romantic gestures fades ... Read More »

Powerful women cheat equally as powerful men

Power gives confidence to people and makes them more inclined to cheat, says new research. And that applies equally to men and women. Dutch scientists made a research and found out that powerful women cheat as much as the powerful men because their confidence is bigger and it is a factor of committing adultery. Psychologist Joris Lammers says that women that have good ... Read More »

Why women like bad boys

Why women like bad boys - why women fall for bad guys

Most women have ran on a bad boy at least once in their lifetime, and a good number of them failed to resist his charm. Bad boys are arrogant, selfish, possessive, they don’t worry about anything, they avoid emotional connection, break the rules, humiliate and underestimate people around you… They are just bad. But what’s that thing in them that ... Read More »

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