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Women like jeans on sale more than intimacy

Finding the perfect jeans is the mission of every woman. Well, when you find the right jeans that hug your curves perfectly, it is normal to feel a great excitement and happiness. And when they are on a discount, you will feel like you have earned a great reward.

New research has found that in half of women the excitement of finding the perfect jeans on a discount is so great, that even exceeds the excitement during intimacy.

The research has shown that almost half of women (48%) are more exited when they find a nice jeans on sale than when having intercourse.

The survey involved 2000 women aged 18 to 49 years and the goal was to discover how the style of celebrities influence the way the modern women dress.

Also, it was discovered that 75% of women draw inspiration from the style of the celebrities, 67% are taking ideas from the celebrities rather than the models on the fashion runways and 75% of women tend to pay more money for a piece of clothing when they see that a celebrity has the same one.