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Kisses and garlic against allergies

You suffer from allergies? You are fed up to walk around with a handkerchief in your hand during most of the year because of the annoying any allergies…
This problem has a solution and not just one, even though some are quite unusual.
Besides your prescribed medications and supplements for allergy you can help yourself with a few simple things:
Eat onions and garlic.
You then need a mint candy, but it is worth to relieve symptoms of allergies. Both vegetables are high in quercetin, an antioxidant that may prevent the cells to release histamine. You do not like those flavors? Try supplements with quercetin or add onion and garlic in soups.
A recent study found that people who suffer from allergies, have lower levels of allergic reaction when they exchange kisses with a loved one. Kissing can relieve inflammation caused by stress, reducing symptoms of allergy.
Drink green tea.
Japanese researchers found that a substance in green tea (EGCG) can block the production of histamine. For most healthy infusion – let the leaves steep for three minutes, and then drink it so you will relieve the symptoms of allergy.
Clean your house.
Each time you come home, you bring in pollen and dust that lead to many allergic symptoms. Take off the shoes as soon as the door close. Furthermore, wash your floors and clean the dust at least once a week.
Load with vitamin C.
Vitamin C is proven antihistamine. Some experts recommend to increase the intake of this vitamin through the seasons of allergies to reduce the unpleasant symptoms.
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