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Popular Spring Fashion Trends to Try

Popular Spring Fashion Trends to Try

For several seasons, fashion trends have encouraged us to peek into our men’s closets and to borrow some of their clothes. But spring fashion trends are all about femininity. Floral patterns, 20’s glamour, trendy colors that range from pastel to shocking neon shades and the ‘peplum’ forms are clear signals that we should aim for romance and femininity.

Here are the most popular spring fashion trends that’ll surely bring you some inspiration for your new spring fashion combinations:

Popular Spring Fashion Trends to Try

Spring fashion trend to try – Romantic flowers

Don’t be surprised, flower prints just scream spring. Flower patterns have been popular for quite a while now, and if you haven’t tried this spring fashion trend, then you definitely have to try it this spring. Choose colorful and bold or romantic and delicate flower pattern. You can incorporate the flower pattern in almost every piece of clothing, from pants to dresses. If you don’t like wearing flower prints, choose a bag with flower print on it and you’ll be ready for spring.

Spring fashion trend to try – Icy pastels

Ice cream pastel shades will mark the spring season. Delicate mint green, delicate sunny yellow, baby blue, baby pink… If you can’t choose one, make a mix of several pastel colors that’ll make you look cute and sweet as a candy.

Spring fashion trend to try – Sea depths

The underwater world is a magical source of new ideas for truly striking fashion statements. Choose texture that remind you of coral reefs or shiny fish scales, choose prints with sea stars and sea horses or choose a green and blue shades that remind you of sea depths. You can create endless combinations and capture this trend.

Spring fashion trend to try – Peplum

Short folded fabric placed on tops and skirts that emphasizes the hips is an interesting way to outline your feminine silhouette. If you are proud of your tiny waist, this is a spring fashion trend that you’ll definitely need to try.

Spring fashion trends to try – Pleated skirts

Pleats can appear in any size or length – small or big, long or short. Skirts and dresses made ​​of thin, lightweight and transparent materials like chiffon or Georgette with many pleats dominate the runways. Of course, you can choose pleated skirts made from sturdier materials for your everyday look.

Spring fashion trends to try – Neon colors

Despite the tranquil pastel hues, the bolder neon colors will be an interesting trend that will instantly steal everyone’s glances. Strong orange color, red, green and yellow will lift your spirit and nergize you this spring. Suggestion: try tight jeans in a striking neon color and a simple white or black top.

Spring fashion trend to try – Asymmetric shapes

Asymmetric cuts and shapes have started to rule the runways and stand out as an impressive trend, which shows the grace of a goddess, while radiating a subtle sex appeal thanks to the limited skin showing . Dresses with one asymmetric shoulder straps are one of the most popular pieces of clothing, but also skirts that are shorter in the front and longer on back don’t stay unnoticed.

Spring fashion trend to try – Purely white

White takes tremendous representation in the best voted collections for the new spring season. And we don’t complain because the sunny spring season is perfect for white clothes. The little black dress has a strong competitor – the little white dress, for several seasons now. And you must admit, white dresses with white lace are just gorgeous and look stunning.

Spring fashion trends to try – Sporty & urban chic

Sporty, yet feminine creations have surprised many fashionistas. The fashion designers played a little with the basic lines of sports clothing, turning them into pieces that are casual but feminine in the same time. Casual and comfortable clothing with a sports theme combined with a feminine piece of clothing will certainly find its place in your everyday outfit.

Spring fashion trend to try – Showing the stomach

It is time to go to the gym if you want to experiment with the trend of super short tops that reveal your upper stomach combined with a high waist skirt. The area of the upper stomach that peeks under the top is the new sexy trend in the fashion industry and almost all designers accepted it. So show a little skin, but hide your bellybutton.

Spring fashion trend to try – Print mix

Striking prints are the most obvious way to show that you are fashionable and you have a sense of style. Print over print over print – designers showed their skills in combining different prints and encouraged us to do the same. Floral, tropical, exotic, fauna, graphic, geometric, digital, art deco, tribal… prints with birds and those inspired by marine life – absolutely everything is in the game.

Spring fashion trends to try – Color blocking

The color blocking trend has reached its peak of popularity last summer, but nonetheless it continues to be an inspiration for the new fashion combinations. Take your adventurous spirit and dive into the cheerful colors. Make a blend of trendy and color blocking pastel shades and you will be one trendy diva.

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