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10 myths about beauty

Myth 1: Drinking two liters of water a day makes your skin beautiful and healthy.
The truth: The skin is one organ of the body which would feel the benefits of the water. It is best to consume water when you are thirsty but also drink water throughout the day if you don’t feel so thirsty either. Drink more water if you ate salty foods, you had drink alcohol or have been exposed to the sun.

Myth 2: Massage of the face will make the skin more beautiful.
The truth: The massage of the face increases the blood circulation, and can reduce the occurrence of acne.

Myth 3: Applying beer before you go out in the sun gives a golden glow to the skin.
The truth: Doctors now recommend avoiding the use of sun bathing or solarium. Application of beer does not affect in any way to get a nice tan with a golden glow. Some people genetically can get a nice tan, but most of us only get red under the rays of the sun. It is up to genes.

Myth 4: The concealer should be lighter than your skin.
The truth: If you use a concealer which is one or two shades lighter than your skin, it will conceal the defects but the face will look unnatural and artificial. To successfully concealed dark circles around the eyes, use a yellow base concealers. When buying a concealer, make your selection in larger stores for cosmetics, where you can use testers to try them on. Do not use the palm of your hand to test the product, but try it on the inner side of your forearm.

Myth 5: Coffee and chocolate cause acne.
The truth: Everywhere around us we can meet women who are on a strict diet and do not consume any coffee or chocolate, and still have problems with acne and blackheads. Scientists confirm that consumption of chocolate does not cause skin problems. The biggest enemy of the beauty is stress.

Myth 6: Toothpaste can cure acne.
The truth: The toothpaste contain menthol and other active ingredients that dry acne and enable their rapid disappearance. But at the same time toothpastes unnecessarily irritate the skin and can make it dry. Therefore, when you treat acne is better to use appropriate creams for that. But you can use toothpaste, just apply it on the acne only.

Myth 7: Ice cubes reduce enlarged pores.
The truth: The size of pores is genetically determined. Some people just have smaller pores, and some – bigger. Nothing can make your pores smaller.

Myth 8: Cellulite means obesity.
The truth: Regardless of the weight, anyone can have cellulite. Cellulite is a problem for 85% of women, even the models. Exercise and increase of  muscle mass can reduce the fat under the skin. There is no easy way to get rid of cellulite. To successfully remove cellulite, combine exercise, healthy food and massage.

Myth 9: Shaving makes the hair thicker.
The truth: Whether for removal of hair you use a razor or epilator, the number of hairs remains the same. You will have as much hairs as your genes determine. When you shave the hairs become sharper and darker because you cut them to the surface of the skin. With epilation, hairs are extracted from the skin, so when they grow have a softer tip.

Myth 10: Trimming your eyelashes helps them to grow longer.
The truth: Trimming of the eyelashes is wrong and stupid. This myth may be true for 1% of women but not for the remaining 99%. If you want to try, do it, because they are likely to grow again but in the same size.

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