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Summer makeup tips – How to wear bright summer colors

Summer makeup tips - How to wear bright summer colors

Do you have orange eyeshadows, purple mascara or bright raspberry lipstick? If not, it means that you don’t like bright colors, and you probably think that bright colors don’t look good on you. But the truth is, that there’s no woman who can’t pull off bright and fun colors. You just need to decide what color looks good on you. Moreover, it’s summer and it’s the best time for colorful makeup experiments. Here are few summer makeup tips on how to wear bright summer colors:

Summer makeup tips - How to wear bright summer colors

How to wear bright summer colors – Makeup tip #1

The base color of the bright makeup that you intend to use should complement the color of your eyes. And then, to make things more interesting, you should add a touch of some contrasting color. A great combinations are blue and orange, blue and pink, pink and green, purple and yellow, purple and pearly white and green and beige.

How to wear bright summer colors – Makeup tip #2

To get used to bright summer colors, you should gradually begin to use makeup with bright and unexpected colors. At first, you can apply the bright colors only on the corners of your eyes or line you eyes with some bright eye shadow mixed with some water or clear gel liner. Another way to get used to bright colors is to start to wear bright summery clothes.

How to wear bright summer colors – Makeup tip #3

One important thing that you need to know is to not overdo it with the bright eye shadows. The eyeshadows should be applied evenly in one layer. This rule also applies to the lipstick too, it must be neutral, not too bright but not too clear either. The rule of minimalism works with the mascara too, you should always choose black or dark brown mascara. But if you want to use colorful mascara, it should match the color of your eyes, for example, purple for blue and green eyes, blue for blue eyes and gray or burgundy – for dark brown eyes.

How to wear bright summer colors – Makeup tip #4

At least once in your lifetime you must try wearing bright lipstick, especially bright red lipstick. You can also choose raspberry color, bright coral, nice mauve color and of course, the classic red. You only have to experiment, try different colors and then choose the one that you like the most.

Extra summer makeup tips

You must remember the following rule: If you want to accentuate your lips, your eye makeup should be neutral. Bright lipstick and lip gloss are appropriate for an evening makeup look, and it’s perfect for combining it with exquisite little dress in black, navy or dark gray. Dark and simple dress combined with bright lipstick, especially bright red lipstick, will make you look sophisticated and chic, and when you combine light dresses with bright lipstick, especially lipstick in berry color, you’ll look fun and fresh.

The last summer makeup tip: Choose quality cosmetics because they often offer a wide range of colors and they are easy to apply because they’re more pigmented. Quality products can easily be removed and they can retain their quality for a long time. The most important thing is that if you want to experiment with bright colors, it’s better to use more pigmented matte eye shadows to get that nice summery look.

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