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Beer can be an aphrodisiac

Beer is aphrodisiac

Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages, that is consumed worldwide not only by men but also by many women. Experts say that beer can be an aphrodisiac and that this amber drink is perfect for ‘warming up’ before doing certain things in bed, but the maximum amount that is advised to drink is no more than one to two beers.

Beer is aphrodisiacBut there is a hidden risk – if you drink too much, it can reduce your sex hormones and your sexual desire. And stick to beer, don’t drink strong alcohol – it usually leads to rapid intoxication. There is a danger that strong alcohol may cause irritability and anxiety and can lead to fight rather sex.

Therefore experts advise, that if you’re planning to make love, the maximum allowable quantity of strong alcohol is no more than one shot. Champagne brings a real feeling of celebration and magic. It has a pleasant taste, it contains less alcohol and can make the evening really enjoyable. But don’t overdo with the champagne too, one to two glasses are more than enough.

Whatever you do, drink reasonably, and don’t drink alcohol if you have to drive.

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