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10 lies that men tell to women

Men lie, women mainly for two reasons: to avoid explanations and to save more time for the match, which is – important than to meet the question: “Do you think I’m beautiful?”.
So, why have you removed – the most often well-intentioned lies that men tell of your favorite, just because these two reasons:

Number 10
No, you don’t look fat!

This situation is familiar to men, especially before you go out, you’re concerned that some dress makes you fat and if you go to change it, that will take at least another 15 minutes and you’ll be late
To save time, men that just say the words ‘No, of course, do not look fat,’ followed by ‘Beautiful,’ or other flattering comments.

Number 9
I do not like to go to strip clubs.

Strip clubs and adult movies for men awake their primate feelings that most men can not ignore. And it’s clear to women. Therefore, to avoid explanations and scandals – the convenient thing for men are to lie.

Number 8
We’ll talk about that later.

Which means never. They just do not want to talk about it and for them it is something which is not worth the time to discuss it.

Number 7
You remind me of Jennifer Lopez.

Compliment like that raises self-esteem of women and men know it, and use it to reach (figuratively and literally) to the woman. Great lie when they want to change some uncomfortable subject about them.

Number 6
I love your cooking!

Yes, even the toast slices are full dish. But don’t feel bad, man say that little lie for you to feel better even if your cooking is disaster.

Number 5
I do not think about other women!

Men are naturally constructed to have more women, just that nowadays their self-control bigger. But in their head there never is only one woman. They think about a woman from the magazine for some movie or someone they’ve seen on the street. And that is bad to admit in front of their girlfriend or wife, right?

Number 4
You can use my razor to shave your legs.

Men do not like to share their things with anyone, but they say it so they won’t disappoint their loved one. So when they say this, the razor is new and unused, or is not his.

Number 3
I love romantic films

There is no man (or almost none), who loves watching romantic comedies followed by tears. They just have to say that not to bitter their girlfriend, or if she still isn’t their girlfriend to impress her.

Number 2
I love the company of your mother.

Well, there is no such man. He just want to avoid quarrels and scandals, which usually end with fight or breakup.

Number 1

Whether it is to escape from an unpleasant situation or a fight, that word can be very convenient for men. This little lie saves time and has helped the men in their quarrels with women.

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