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How to cope with hunger and increased appetite

We do have abilities to cope with hunger and increased appetite without using special medications. For this purpose it is necessary to abandon the diet, associated with hunger, to eat in healthy regime and to apply some methods to reduce food craving. The main principle is to eat less, but often – every 2-3 hours.

Breakfast must be plentiful and should  include a hot meal. It is best to include proteins such as eggs, cottage cheese, a piece of meat or fish.

Next meal should be no more than after 2-3 hours. You can eat some fruit or vegetables – banana, apple, orange, carrot or few lettuce leaves. Also you can nibble some nuts and dried fruits. The purpose of this in-between meal is to neutralize the gastric juice which provoke hunger. If you ate after four hours, gastric juice causes monstrous appetite and desire to eat anything that gets to us.

Lunch should follow after slight feeling of hunger. You should take care of the menu in advance, avoid all the cafes and fast food restaurants. You can prepare your lunch at home (egg salad with cold meat or fish, boiled egg). You should eat well, so afterwards you won’t look for extra biscuits or croissants. After 2-3 hours you can do second snack – again with some fruit.

Dinner is the third “big meal”. Suitable for dinner is piece of fish or meat and salad. The key is to not eat after 7-8 p.m in the evening.  1-2 hours after dinner drink a glass of yogurt or milk, with this at the middle of he night you’ll not experience the need to open the refrigerator.

This regime of feeding is only the half job done, say nutritionists and even advise: “The main task is also to learn to take moderate portions of food and not stay hungry. Avoid alcohol at any cause: it not only contains many calories, but also makes us to eat more than usual.

The next step is to reduce the amount of salt. Salty food looks delicious and can hardly be limited to a small portion. Instead of salt (but not neglecting it altogether!), Use more spices, which are able to maintain the appetite (with the exception of the mayonnaise, vinegar and mustard).

Another way to reduce appetite, is uniform food. Of course, not go to extremes and continually eat only cabbage or lens. It’s enough once a week to organize “easy” day. Choose a product – fruit, vegetables, milk, cottage cheese, meat or fish during the day and just eat it. For that day you will be required 400-500 g of meat or fish, a liter of fat free yogurt in combination with 300 g of cottage cheese, and a pound of fruit or vegetable. After this “esay” day, it’ll be easier to stick to a reasonable diet.

Be sure to use products rich in fiber: fruits, vegetables and cereals. Cellulose increases its volume, filling the stomach and provides long sense of satiety.

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