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Manicure ideas and nail polish trends

Manicure ideas and nail polish trends

Beautiful, elegant and glamorous French manicure can become a little boring. According to stylists, a good manicured hands should look like this: minimum nail length, and using a nail polish in matte and juicy shades: raspberry, purple, dark purple and blue. Here are some manicure ideas and nail polish trends:

Manicure ideas and nail polish trendsThis season, experts avoid nail polishes with pearl finish. Ombre manicure is still trendy and it can be done with more than on color, but choose appropriate colors that match so you’ll get a smooth color transition. The tip should be dark and the top of the nail lighter. You can also use two contrasting colors but they must be harmonious, for example: light blue and burgundy, pink and gray, chocolate and peach etc.

These are the latest trends, so experts advise to forget about boring manicure and get a little more creative!

If you want to make your manicure more interesting, paint something on one finger (usually the ring finger) and leave the rest of the nails simple and clean. You can paint something with a free hand or just apply some chunky glitter on that finger. Forget about decorating all your fingers with nail stickers, beads etc. Your manicure must be stylish and chick, and if you want to decorate your hands, use rings and bracelets.

The most popular nail shapes are square nails, almond shaped nails and oval nails. But the nail light shouldn’t be more than 1 inch and the nail shape should be well defined.

Given these trends, we can boldly say that this season the manicure is easy and simple and it takes less time and less care and therefore – more free time for you ladies. You can do your manicure at home and your hands will still look impeccable.

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