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Ladies, eat garlic

Women who have a diet rich in vegetables from the onion family – such as garlic, onions and leeks have a lower risk osteoarthritis of the hip, new research suggests.

British scientists have discovered not only the effectiveness of the diet on bone diseases, but also they believe that compounds in garlic have the potential to be involved in the development of drugs against the disease.

Osteoarthritis causes pain and immobilize when it affects the hips, knees and spine. Currently there is no effective treatment, but different methods of pain relief. Changing the joints is also an option.

The study analyzed data of 1000 healthy twins, many of whom had no symptoms of arthritis.

The team carried out a detailed assessment of the dietary patterns of participants and found that those who eat a healthy diet with high intake of fruits and vegetables, especially garlic, have less evidence of early osteoarthritis of the hip.

Researchers also found that a substance in garlic – diallyl disulfide (DADS), may limit the production of enzymes that damage the joints.

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