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Spa manicure

You can do your own spa manicure without asking your friend over and over again. It can be fun! Spa manicure is very special and makes the epidermis of the skin of the hands and around the nails very gentle and soft. And it is very moisturizing to your hands and nails. You can do your own peach hand mask by ... Read More »

How to take care and clean your makeup brushes properly

How to take care and clean your makeup brushes properly

To properly apply makeup and to get a nice and smooth finish, you need good makeup brushes. A set of nice makeup brushes is a great investment and if you take care and clean your makeup brushes properly, they’ll last you a very long time. What kind of makeup brushes you need? Makeup brushes are made from different types of ... Read More »

How to choose and apply blush

Today most women avoid to use blush as part of their makeup. American research has shown that in 1948, 66% of women used a blush, and today that percentage dropped to 47%. If you want your face to have fresh, healthy and natural look, there’s nothing better than the blush. However, it should be used carefully because too much blush on ... Read More »

Summer makeup tips – How to wear bright summer colors

Summer makeup tips - How to wear bright summer colors

Do you have orange eyeshadows, purple mascara or bright raspberry lipstick? If not, it means that you don’t like bright colors, and you probably think that bright colors don’t look good on you. But the truth is, that there’s no woman who can’t pull off bright and fun colors. You just need to decide what color looks good on you. Moreover, it’s summer ... Read More »

6 tips when using makeup

1. Lip pencil for outlining should not be much darker than the lipstick. Always use lip pencil which differ slightly from one color of lipstick, or better – it should match the lipstick. 2. Do not use eye shadows that are the same color as your eyes. If you do that, your eyes will not pop out. The color of the ... Read More »

Pro eyeliner tips every woman needs to know

Pro eyeliner tips every woman needs to know

For many women applying gel or liquid eyeliner is labor intensive activity that requires extreme dexterity. But actually with practice, patience and a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover, you can achieve incredible results. Just try again, don’t give up and read these pro eyeliner tips every woman needs to know: How to apply pencil, gel or liquid eyeliner? No ... Read More »

How and when to wear smoky eyes

When to wear smoky eyes

Smoky eyes are the most common choice for an evening and special occasion makeup, because it makes you look more mysterious and sexy. The best thing is that you don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to do smoky eyes, all you need is some good makeup brushes and few eye shadows and you’re good to go. But, even ... Read More »

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