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10 reasons why men break up with women

Why men break up with women

It is a fact that some relationships end unsuccessfully. You will have or had at least a few relationships before you meet or met the right one. Most likely you will break someone’s heart and/or someone will break yours. That moment when he said goodbye, you probably wondered what was the reason, especially if there wasn’t any obvious one. Here are some of ... Read More »

15 early symptoms and signs of pregnancy

15 early symptoms and signs of pregnancy

At one point or another, women in reproductive age sometimes ask the big question: ‘Am I pregnant?’. Those who expect a positive result and those who hope that the result is negative, start to think about the signs that their body sends, and also about the early symptoms of pregnancy. The first symptoms that suggest that a new life is ... Read More »

Signs that your ex wants you back

Signs that your ex wants you back

You’ve just broken up, but even though you both were fine with it, you still think that he has feeling for you. Do you want to find out if your ex still keeps you in his heart and wants you back? Look for these following signs and you’ll find out if he still wants you back. He tries to make physical contact with you It ... Read More »

Partners that share responsibilities are the happiest

Researchers found out that the couples who share housework are happier than those couples where one partner takes all or most of the burden on herself. According to a new research, neither one of the  partners should take more than 60% of the housework – from cleaning up to child’s care. Traditional families in which only the husband goes to ... Read More »

Gray hair is due to genes and less by stress

If you notice gray hair in your hair, do not blame it on stress. Recent research in this area showed that the occurrence of this unwanted sign of old age in women lies in the genetic material. The study involved 200 non-identical twins and also identical twins at the age of 59 to 81 years. Scientists have observed the amount of ... Read More »

Carrots speed up the children’s growth

Scientists  found out that children who eat more orange vegetables, grow two times faster than their peers. The study involved 300 children, aged 3 to 16 years. Children who ate more vegetables rich in vitamin A, have grown an average of 4 inches a year. Their peers from the control group, for the same period of year have grown only 2 inches. According to doctors, most of the children who did not consumed vegetables rich in vitamin A were healthy but suffered from latent (hidden) lack of certain vitamins. Lack of vitamin A, iron and zinc results in slower growth in ... Read More »

Men are more likely to cheat if their father cheated

Men are more likely to cheat if their father cheated

When it comes to infidelity, scientists say there is great truth in the saying ‘Like father like son’. Czech scientists have once again confirmed the thesis that men whose fathers were unfaithful while they were growing up are more likely to cheat on their partners. Researchers found out that this logic doesn’t apply to women and that they aren’t more ... Read More »

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