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10 reasons why men break up with women

Why men break up with women

It is a fact that some relationships end unsuccessfully. You will have or had at least a few relationships before you meet or met the right one. Most likely you will break someone’s heart and/or someone will break yours. That moment when he said goodbye, you probably wondered what was the reason, especially if there wasn’t any obvious one. Here are some of the most common reasons why men break up with women:

Why men break up with women - some common reasons

Why men break up with women – Manipulation

Men are also innocent when women use a few tactics to get dominance in the relationship or trying to get something. Women often use their ‘love tactics’ to manipulate or to punish their partner for a bad behavior. Women often try to teach their man a lesson with silence or refusing intimacy. Sometimes these actions are the reason for men to decide to stop tolerating them and leave.

Why men break up with women – Frequent jealous scenes

No mater how much you love someone, if he has a daily outbursts of jealousy, he is controlling your every step and constantly asks you jealous questions, one day you’ll get fed up and leave. The same happens with men. Jealous scenes are sometimes sweet and innocent, but when they get too frequent they are a real killer of passion and harmonious relationship.

Why men break up with women – Phobia of commitment

Some men just don’t want to be in a long-term relationship and have a fear of commitment. They are ready to break up even with the one girl that is under their skin, just to avoid a long relationship and commitment. They think that its too early for them to commit and they are ready to do anything just to preserve their freedom.

Why men break up with women – Absence of intimate relations

A breakup due to lack of intimacy happens so often that if it didn’t happened to you, then it has surely happened to someone you know. In reality, a huge number of men leave their girlfriends because they are not ready to ‘surrender’. Some men go so far as to blackmail their girlfriends and give them ultimatums in order to have sex. In these cases, women should be the ones who leave.

Why men break up with women – Too much criticism

Everyone wants to feel appreciated and to hear compliments and praises from time to time. If you don’t show him that he’s loved and appreciated and instead you give him daily doses of criticism, he will want to go to find another woman who will make him feel wanted and loved.

Why men break up with women – Too much independence

Men want to feel useful, they want to ‘save’ their women when they are in trouble and be a bit of superheroes. If you always do things by yourself and you don’t involve him in things that are also important for him, one day he might feel useless and think that you don’t really need him. Men need to feed their ego.

Why men break up with women – Too much dependence

Too much independence and too much dependence – the two extremes that can lead to breakup. Most men want to be with a woman who is present in their life, but also has her own life away from the relationship. Some women, once they get in a relationship, they completely focus on their partner and forget about their friends, hobbies and interests. So much so, that over time they start to become too dependent on their partner, and they can’t make independent decisions and so they regularly consult with him on virtually everything. Men want to worry about their partner and to help, but when the requests for assistance are within the limit.

Why men break up with women – Interference of friends in the relationship

Women need to discuss things with their girlfriends. But these talks must have limits. You shouldn’t discuss too many details about your relationship with your friends, let alone to ask for their advice and to implement them in your relationship right away. Every relationship is different, and what works for them might not work for you. You shouldn’t let your friend who has never been in a long term relationship to give you advises what to do when you have love problems. Men to some extent understand women’s friendship, but when they feel that it creates too many headaches, men choose the easy way out.

Why men break up with women – Lack of physical attractiveness

After all men are visual creatures and yearn to go to a woman who attracts and excites them. In some cases, physical attraction may not be crucial for maintaining the relationship, because it is a fact that people over the years change and get older, but unfortunately for some men beauty is crucial.

Why men break up with women – Boredom and monotony, feeling that there is someone better

Almost all relationships begin with a strong start, filled with passion and fun, but when the fire goes out, you need to learn how to light it again. If he feels bored and thinks that the excitement is gone, he will begin to think that he may be better off with another, and that he that deserves better.

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