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7 timeless makeup looks

timeless makeup looks and trends

Makeup trends are constantly changing and evolving. And really, the fun is to experiment with makeup – with new colors and shapes that are ideal for the season. But if you don’t want to follow the temporary trends, you can always rely on the timeless makeup looks that are here to stay. Here are some timeless makeup trends that are always popular:

7 timeless makeup looks and trends

Timeless makeup look #1: Cat eyes

Lining the upper lid with a black eyeliner that goes beyond the outer corner of the eye is a timeless makeup style that you can do fairly quickly and it will instantly add glamour and sophistication to your appearance. Cat eye is associated with retro style, but Hollywood has never stopped to adore it till this day. However, this look dates many years ago – hieroglyphs and drawings of ancient Egypt are proof of the old age of this timeless makeup look. Liquid eyeliner is the right tool for the cat eye, but if you use liquid eyeliner the line will be more visible, dramatic and really difficult to control. If you’re still not experienced enough to use liquid eyeliner, start with eye pencil, the line will be softer but you’ll still achieve this timeless makeup look.

Timeless makeup look #2: Red lips

Do you want to show some courage and charm through makeup? Give the red lips a go. Learn from the fashion icons of the past and use the timeless makeup trend red lips and let it transform your whole look and grab a lot of attention. When it comes to red lipstick shades, forget what is modern and trendy, just find which shade highlights your face, skin tone and represent your sense of style.

Timeless makeup look #3: Smokey eyes

The dramatic and mysterious smokey eyes have never stop to enchant with their magnetic attraction. The timeless makeup look popularly known as smokey eyes does not follow some strict rules. The choice of eye shadow color and the intensity of the ‘smokiness’ is entirely up to you. However, it has a little rule: When you highlight your eyes with this strong  eye makeup, leave your lips ‘nude’ and with less color as possible.

Timeless makeup look #4: Gray eye shadow

Gray eyeshadow is timeless because the color is neutral and suits any eye color. Gray looks great on every skin tone and with every possible outfit. Even better is that you can use for daily and evening makeup. For daytime use only delicate shades of gray in combination with mascara and for an evening out, use darker shades of gray and eyeliner. For holiday occasions use glittery creamy gray eye shadow in your inner corners and you’ll instantly get a sparkly and elegant look.

Timeless makeup look #5: Rosy cheeks

In this busy lifestyle, we often leave out the blush, though it is the easiest way to make our skin look fresher. The blush will give you a youthful glow and will instantly brighten your face. You can use blush in pink or apricot color. Avoid the intense red blushes and the dark brown shades. Although blush can make you look amazing, it can also make you look funny when you apply too much of it. If you apply it moderately it will highlight your cheeks, but if you use excessive amount, it can make you look like a clown.

Timeless makeup look #6: Glossy lips and thick long lashes

For soft and natural look, apply some mascara to your lashes to give them some volume, and apply clear lip gloss or a lip balm on your lips. Long and thick eyelashes have a strong power of seduction that no woman should underestimate. Applying mascara on your eyelashes will make your eyes look wider and larger. Shiny and soft lips have always been and will remain a timeless makeup look, especially during the summer months. With a little lip gloss you will make your lips look plump and kissable.

Timeles makeup look #7: Baby pink nails

Feminine and elegant, baby pink nails will never be classified as tasteless, unattractive or not modern. Not only the pink nail polish looks sophisticated and chic, but also makes your hands to look younger. Occasionally give your nails a rest  from the strong colors because dark nail polishes can make your nails turn yellow. Paint your nails with rosy pink nail polish to make your hands feminine and innocent.

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