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Rules of a summer fling

rules of a summer fling

There is something in the air during the summer months that makes people to flirt and experiment. The weather is hot, the dress code is ‘wear less clothes’ and it is the perfect time for a love adventure. Summer fling is great for people that are single All of you who yearn for fun and romance, and you are not yet ... Read More »

Half of men’s clothes are bought by their women

Half of men's clothes are bought by their women

Men generally hate to go shopping, so they often wear what their partners choose them to wear. One research has shown that men have bought only 30% of the clothes which they possess by themselves . Their girlfriends / wives have purchased them more than half of their clothes, while the rest comes from gifts from friends or relatives. These findings ... Read More »

Sunburn: Causes, symptoms and homemade sunburn remedies

Sunburn - causes, symptoms and homemade sunburn remedies

We know how harmful the sun is, especially in summer. It can be hazardous for our skin and health and that’s why we should protect ourselves from it. But when the time for the summer holiday comes, thousands of people forget to protect their skin from the sun, and they often face the problem called sunburn. What causes sunburn Sunburn appears ... Read More »

10 summer eye makeup trends

10 summer eye makeup trends

Eyes are the mirror of the soul, but also an indispensable part of female beauty. They have the power to seduce and conquer, and they are used as a powerful weapon for flirting. The eyes have the ability to speak even in times when you’re quiet. So it’s no wonder that make up artists center around them to build their artworks. Emphasizing the beauty of the eyes using make-up is a daily task of every woman. A few precise applications of eye pencil, mascara and eye shadow can magically transform your face. You can ... Read More »

Why women like taller men

why women like taller men

Let’s face it, most women like tall men. People have been thinking that this is true because the height is an indicator of good genes. But one expert denied this, saying: ‘If that was the whole story, I would expect the same to be true for men – that men would be attracted to tall women, but they’re not. Men ... Read More »

Gentlemen are an endangered species

Gentlemen are an endangered species

Every woman longs to feel like a lady – her door to be opened when she comes out, to give her a compliment, to hold her coat. Such gestures are certainly characteristics of a true gentleman. But where are these men hiding? Can we meet them daily on the street or are they so rare like endangered species dying out quietly? Old fashioned vs modern gentlemen At the time of the real old-fashioned gentlemen, women were respected, appreciated and glorified. Back then, women were beginning to struggle for emancipation and equality, ... Read More »

Women like jeans on sale more than intimacy

Finding the perfect jeans is the mission of every woman. Well, when you find the right jeans that hug your curves perfectly, it is normal to feel a great excitement and happiness. And when they are on a discount, you will feel like you have earned a great reward. New research has found that in half of women the excitement ... Read More »

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