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Cucumber – super refreshing and healthy

The saying that the cucumber has no nutritional value, is completely wrong, the nutritionists say. Its biological composition, consists vitamins and minerals, and it shows the opposite – that the cucumber is really healthy. From the vitamins, the cucumber is the richest in vitamin C and in traces it contains almost all vitamins of the group B and also carotene. ... Read More »

Nuts and yogurt can help you lose weight

The desire to achieve and maintain a slender figure is huge in every person, so scientists are trying everyday to get to the facts that will help us to achieve it. Recent research, in which participated 120,000 people of which 80% were women, found out that certain foods help the process of reducing weight. Researchers found out that consuming yogurt and ... Read More »

Men are more likely to cheat if their father cheated

Men are more likely to cheat if their father cheated

When it comes to infidelity, scientists say there is great truth in the saying ‘Like father like son’. Czech scientists have once again confirmed the thesis that men whose fathers were unfaithful while they were growing up are more likely to cheat on their partners. Researchers found out that this logic doesn’t apply to women and that they aren’t more ... Read More »

Things women hate – What women hate about men?

Things women hate - What women hate about men

Here’s a question that many men (and probably women) have asked: What women hate about men? What are the things that create a resentment and tension between men and women? There were many surveys in which many women participated and experts tried to get the exact answers. And the answer turns out to be that the things that women hate about ... Read More »

What attracts women to men?

what attracts women to men

What attracts women to men? Maybe it is his appearance, sense of humor, intelligence …? There has been a research with the participation of more than 20,000 people that gave exact answers to these questions. What attracts women to men? – Initial attraction Women are initially attracted to men’s sense of humor, kindness, smile and intelligence rather than the sexual chemistry ... Read More »

75% of women would not marry an unemployed man

Employment has a major impact on marriage. The first rule of thumb is that at least one of the partners should have a job before starting plans for the wedding. Therefore, it is not surprising that a new research showed that 75% of women would not marry an unemployed man, but also 65% of women would not get married if ... Read More »

The ideal age for having a child is 29 years

Women believe that 29 years is the ideal age for giving birth to their first child, a new research says. Most women (59%) believe that, in that age period they have greater financial stability to be able to bear the costs that are needed for the child’s growth and believe that in this period of life they should have long ... Read More »

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