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Cucumber – super refreshing and healthy

The saying that the cucumber has no nutritional value, is completely wrong, the nutritionists say. Its biological composition, consists vitamins and minerals, and it shows the opposite – that the cucumber is really healthy.
From the vitamins, the cucumber is the richest in vitamin C and in traces it contains almost all vitamins of the group B and also carotene.

From the minerals, the cucumber has a lot of phosphorus, calcium, iron, manganese and iodine. There is little sodium and a lot of potassium, and you do not need to salt it so that you will not disturb the existing relations of these two minerals. Because of this relations of sodium and potassium, the cucumber is a potent diuretic. That is why this type of vegetables are recommended if you have difficulty with the urinary system, diseases of the kidneys, and against rheumatism.

Because the cucumber contains elements that dissolves the uric acid, it is useful for people with kidney stones and stones in the bladder. It stimulates the secretion of water from the body, and that way it helps with the excretion of toxic substances and it cleans the body. Therefore, you should eat cucumber to naturally detoxify your body.

Fresh cucumber regulates the bowel and normalize the stool. It is recommended for diabetics because it reduces the level of blood sugar. Also, the cucumber is recommended for people who are prone to gaining weight as dietary food since it contains small number of calories.

Outsiders think that the young cucumbers are better for eating then the mature ones, as it is the case with most of the vegetables. But in fact they are wrong, because immature cucumbers are harder to digest, can cause gases the stomach and can produce gas in the intestines.