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Acne – a problem not only to adolescents

Acne affects approximately 80% of adolescents between 12 and 18 years but it is possible to have an occurrence and after that age. Puberty, changes in hormones, skin type, genetic heritage, hygiene habits are the key factors for the occurrence of acne. It appears as a consequence of overproduction of sebum, which in combination with dead skin cells causing blockage of pores.
There are different types of acne. The most common type are the so-called ‘black spots’, whose presence is determined by the presence of sebum and keratin – a protein in the composition of the top layer of the skin. This type of acne is good for treatment. But under the influence of bacteria, the secondary inflammation of the skin occurs.
If you are over 25 years and have symptoms of acne, then think of what cosmetics you use. A cosmetics sometimes contribute to acne in women of middle age. Experts recommend that you should not apply cosmetics in the presence of dermatological problems. If, however, you need an application of makeup, after the makeup removal make sure you clean your face well.
Treatment of acne is a very difficult process. To help, however, you may follow certain rules of diet and behavior:
Have a good hygiene: Try to keep your skin clean, use gentle cleansers, wash your face twice a day and avoid touching it during the day, not to distribute more bacteria.
Do not squeeze pimples: It just spreads and deepens inflammation, leaving scars on your face.
Increase your intake of zinc: It has been shown that people suffering from acne have a lack of zinc in the body. To obtain the necessary amount eat liver, red meats and dried fruits that are rich in this mineral.
Drink Vitamin B Complex: It act extremely beneficial to the skin and prevent the formation of ‘black spots’.

For more severe acne: Try to use cosmetics that have benzoyl peroxide or salycilic acid in them. If the acne is still severe, go to dermatologist and he will prescribe to you some antibiotics like clindamycin.