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How to become a sex goddess

How to become a sex goddess

Why have good sex when you can have great sex? The secret is to be completely free – free to explore, to let your feelings roam wild and to achieve the complete ecstasy. To get all of this you must be confident! And you also need to learn how to increase your self-confidence and to release the sexual goddess that lies within you.

How to become a sex goddess

Learn to love your whole body

Take time to discover the shape of your body. Stand in front of a large mirror and just look at your body. Admire your body and see why your man wants you so passionately. Focus on what you like, not on what you dislike. He doesn’t care whether you have cellulite on your thighs or have gained a few pounds the last month, so don’t worry. If you spend your energy focusing on your notable flaws, you won’t focus on the good things. Love your body and be confident.

Everything is in the lighting

We all look better in muted lighting, so prepare accordingly for the situation. Light a few candles, throw on a transparent scarf onto the reading lamp and take advantage of the moonlight. Soft lighting will cover what you don’t like and will help you focus on those parts of your body that you like.

Practice movements

Do you find it funny to embrace the pillow and to exercise on it? Actually, that is a good idea – not only you will improve your movements, it will also give you more confidence when it comes to the real thing.

Think about intimacy

At least twice daily think about making love intentionally. Imagine what you would do with your partner if he was around at that time. Send him a seductive message. Explore sexy lingerie online. Use this exercise to keep the making love in your head as a form of personal foreplay.

Visualize your fantasies

According to sex gurus, reading erotic novels and watching erotic films can prepare the mind and body for intimacy. They say that the brain is the largest sexual organ and its used to imagine and mentally practice the actual course of things. Do this and you will increase your confidence when the time for making love comes.

Create your motto

Think of your mantra which you will repeat just before or during making love, and it should be something that will increase your self-confidence. When your nerves start to shake or the ‘good girl’ to prevail, quietly repeat ‘I can do this’ or ‘I’m great’, use this to get you in the mood and think of you as a sexual goddess.

Inspire yourself

Experts also recommend to read about making love. But don’t get overwhelmed by the many options or difficult poses. Start slowly and easily by selecting a pose and apply it next time you and your partner make love. Remember, don’t try to do movements like a professional gymnasts –  just learn some simple tricks which will boost your repertoire and build you some confidence.

Try on a wig

Maybe your partner has mentioned once (or two or three times) how he would like to see you dressed as a naughty nurse or a bad cop, but you didn’t liked the idea. If you don’t like to dress in a whole outfit, you can try on a wig. Check how you will look with a blond wig or become a redhead bombshell. Putting on a wig will give you the freedom to move out of your own comfort zone, giving you the opportunity to turn into another person – naughty and sexy.

Put a blindfold on your eyes

When you block your vision you’ll experience two things: 1) You’ll blunt one of your senses to sharpen the other, and 2) You’ll indulge in identity that your mind creates. Imagine your sexual character – some superhero women, just for inspiration, and let your body do the rest of the work.

Think ‘Why not?’

When you reach the psychological barrier – the one in which your mind tells you to stop, think of ‘What I have to lose?’. It’s just you and your partner and your feelings. Even if you do some complicated maneuver and you stretch some muscle, your partner will be grateful that you tried to make the sex unbelievable.

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