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High heels can cause osteoarthritis

High heels can cause arthritis

High heels are fashionable and they’re preferred by millions of women around the world. Many of us wear shoes with high heels on a daily basis. But doctors say that this trend increases the risk of osteoarthritis in senior years. Doctors warn that high heels increase the pressure in the feet, ankles and knees and increase the risk of osteoarthritis. The unpleasant disease ... Read More »

Half of men’s clothes are bought by their women

Half of men's clothes are bought by their women

Men generally hate to go shopping, so they often wear what their partners choose them to wear. One research has shown that men have bought only 30% of the clothes which they possess by themselves . Their girlfriends / wives have purchased them more than half of their clothes, while the rest comes from gifts from friends or relatives. These findings ... Read More »

10 summer eye makeup trends

10 summer eye makeup trends

Eyes are the mirror of the soul, but also an indispensable part of female beauty. They have the power to seduce and conquer, and they are used as a powerful weapon for flirting. The eyes have the ability to speak even in times when you’re quiet. So it’s no wonder that make up artists center around them to build their artworks. Emphasizing the beauty of the eyes using make-up is a daily task of every woman. A few precise applications of eye pencil, mascara and eye shadow can magically transform your face. You can ... Read More »

Women like jeans on sale more than intimacy

Finding the perfect jeans is the mission of every woman. Well, when you find the right jeans that hug your curves perfectly, it is normal to feel a great excitement and happiness. And when they are on a discount, you will feel like you have earned a great reward. New research has found that in half of women the excitement ... Read More »

The 10 Hottest hair and makeup trends for summer

The 10 Hottest hair and makeup trends for summer

Summer is already here, and the warm weather is opening some space for the new hair and makeup summer trends. Here is a list of the most interesting hair and makeup trends for summer that are popular and you should definitely try this summer: Summer makeup trend – Colorful eyes If you’re really bold and you love trying new makeup ... Read More »

10 home hair care tips that you need to know

Home hair care tips that yo need to know

Professional hair care is the best, but sometimes we don’t always have enough time and money to go to a professional hair salon. The home hair care is also important, and if you combine it with the advice of professionals stylists it will result in a healthy and beautiful hair. Here are some home hair care tips for stylish and healthy ... Read More »

4 Must have fashion accessories for spring

4 Must have fashion accessories for spring

Planning your spring outfit is complex, but also a fascinating project. To get ready for the spring, you need to organised your closet and get your spring clothes and maybe go shopping for new things. To get the perfect outfit, you need to combine your clothes with fresh and interesting hairstyle, but also you should use the magic of fashion ... Read More »

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