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75% of women would not marry an unemployed man

Employment has a major impact on marriage. The first rule of thumb is that at least one of the partners should have a job before starting plans for the wedding. Therefore, it is not surprising that a new research showed that 75% of women would not marry an unemployed man, but also 65% of women would not get married if ... Read More »

The ideal age for having a child is 29 years

Women believe that 29 years is the ideal age for giving birth to their first child, a new research says. Most women (59%) believe that, in that age period they have greater financial stability to be able to bear the costs that are needed for the child’s growth and believe that in this period of life they should have long ... Read More »

8 myths about cheating

8 myths about cheating

Cheating for some people may sound tempting and exciting, but eventually it always destroys the trust in their relationship and causes pain. Many people write and talk about cheating and therefore there are some false claims that we all accept as fact. There are many myths about cheating. Some say: ‘Once he’s unfaithful, he’ll always be’, others say: ‘Men cheat more than women’. ... Read More »

10 Secrets of happily married couples

10 Secrets of happily married couples

Does your heart melt whenever you see a smiling seniors still walking hand in hand with love and affection in their eyes? Do you want you and your husband to be like them when you turn 60 or 70? Then clearly you need to maintain the happiness and love in your marriage every single day. Here are a 10 secrets of ... Read More »

Control the reactions of your body

In life, there are some situations that require you to refrain from expressing emotions through a smile or tears. There are also other situations in which you want to help yourself to avoid unpleasant problems like fainting, acids or prevent the annoying hiccup. Your body can only fight against these undesirable problems, but you need to tell it what to do. Prevent the ... Read More »

What Exactly Causes Acne – How and Why Acne Happens

What Exactly Causes Acne - How and Why Acne Happens

To get rid of acne, one of the most important things is to find out what exactly causes acne. Some people think that sugary and fatty foods can cause acne, others think that improper face cleaning is to blame. But actually there isn’t one specific thing that causes acne. There can be several reasons that can cause and aggravate your acne ... Read More »

5 signs that he will propose to you

5 signs that he will propose to you

Engagement is an introduction to marriage. It’s one of the happiest events of every woman. Let’s say that you are together for a very long time, and the past couple of weeks you feel that he became nervous for some reason. It seems like he is hiding something. Find out if this is going to be a marriage proposal and a beautiful ring. Sign ... Read More »

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