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Cellulite myths and facts

1. Only people with obesity have cellulite.
The truth: Cellulite is a great enemy of women, whether big or thin and whether they do sports or not. It occurs when fat under the skin herniates within fibrous connective tissue. Many experts agree that cellulite can be genetically inherited, because it’s appearance is connected with hormones. Women from a same family, regardless of their weight, have almost the same amount of cellulite.

2. Men do not have cellulite.
The truth: Although it is difficult to notice cellulite in men, there are men who suffer from it. But in them cellulite usually appears on the abdomen.

3. Cellulite can be eliminated with liposuction.
The truth: Although most people think liposuction is fast way to get rid of excess fat, the truth is that it can increase the problem of cellulite. Doctors can not remove cellulite. They remove the fatty layers that are under the cellulite.

4. Dark tan covers the ‘orange’ skin.
The truth: Cellulite is seen less when we have darker complexion. But be careful, because the long exposure under the UV rays of the sun reduces the elasticity of the skin and cellulite problem may become greater. That is another reason for you to be protected from the sun.

5. If you are physically active – cellulite disappear.
The truth: Cellulite appears on the 0.5 or 1mm under the skin. The physical activity is burning fatty deposits that are deeper under the skin. Although substantially assisted and advised by experts, exercise does not guarantee that cellulite will disappear.

6. Massage reduces the ‘orange’ skin.
The truth: Massage helps the ‘orange’ skin to be less visible. But it is needed a massage that penetrates deeper into the skin, not just a massage glove. Endermologie is mechanism with automatic rollers that massage the critical areas and improves blood circulation. This type of massage helps the appearance of the skin to improve in the affected areas of the body, but it has a short-lived effect.

7. Coffee reduces cellulite.
The truth: Although coffee is not the most effective way to reduce cellulite, the truth is that it does helps. Research shows that when the ‘orange’ skin is coated with liquid caffeine it helps in burning fats. Most anti-cellulite creams and gels contain caffeine.

8. Cellulite creams and gels are a simple solution to the problem of cellulite.
The truth: If there were such products, defeating cellulite would be so easy. But unfortunately it is not so simple. The creams and gels against cellulite help the skin to look firmer and therefore less cellulite is visible. All products that are made on the basis of vitamin A have that effect. Anti-cellulite products help, but do not eliminate cellulite.

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