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Swearing helps to reduce pain

You hit your fingers with the door and you want to swear? Do it. If scientists are right, you will reduce the pain that you feel, especially if you usually do not use swearing words. British researchers have once again confirmed that swearing helps to reduce pain and this effect is greatest in people who use very little ’embarrassing’ words in everyday ... Read More »

How to quit smoking?

There is no one who does not know that smoking is harmful to the health. Some people choose to stay away from this addiction, but often people forget the fact that cigarettes can be deadly, and they continue to enjoy every cigarette. On the other hand, today more and more smokers are trying to quit smoking. Some of them do it due ... Read More »

Why Do We Cry? – The Story Behind Crying

Why Do We Cry? - The Story Behind Crying

Crying is a different experience for everyone. Some people are really emotional and they can cry at the smallest things, while others are cold as a stone and don’t cry even in the most saddest situations. But a person doesn’t have to be sad to cry – people cry from joy in the happiest moments of their life. Have you ... Read More »

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a complex of eight antioxidants: four tocopherols (α-, β-, γ-, δ-) and four tocotrienols (α-, β-, γ-, δ-). The only active form that is retained in the human body is α-tocopherol. Why vitamin E is important? Vitamin E helps the body to fight cancer and heart diseases and infections. It strengthens the immune system and helps to ... Read More »

18 Tips to reduce stress and stop anxiety

18 Tips to reduce stress and stop anxiety

We are aware that stress is a major enemy of our health and beauty, and yet we all accept it in our daily lives as something normal, we don’t try any tips for reducing stress and we don’t try to minimize its harmful effects. The truth is that the stress relief and reducing anxiety may be easier and more fun than you ... Read More »

Foods that increase energy levels

Do you want to have energy all the day and to do everything with a smile on your face without irritation and anger? Watch your diet and you will come very close to your goal. Consumption of certain foods can change your metabolism and brain function, and this inevitably affects your mood and amount of energy. Well, here is where ... Read More »

How to stay awake when you’re sleepy and tired

How to stay awake when you're sleepy sour candy

Each of us was in a situation when we couldn’t keep our eyes open but we were forced to do so. It is not easy to stay awake when you are listening to boring lectures, when you need to study for an exam, when you are on a long boring meetings or when you need to finish doing something boring. ... Read More »

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