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Frequently asked questions on interviews

During the job interview, you should expect questions relating to your qualification, education, work experience, but also some about your character. There are certain questions that are asked no matter for what position you are applying. Due to stress, it is sometimes difficult to answer them. The good news is that you can prepare for them. However, to show that you are an ... Read More »

How to be a leader

To become a leader at your work is a great achievement, because to do that it requires discipline, dedication, enthusiasm and good behavior. Leader position is not for everyone. Some people are afraid of it, some take abuse of it, and some spend their lives trying to reach it. There are people who are born to be leaders. If you want to become a ... Read More »

Step by step guide to writing a great CV

Step by step guide to writing a great CV

Nowadays all job openings require you to send a CV and a cover letter, so that your potential employers can easily see which candidates are suitable for the particular job. It’s the most important document when you apply for a job, so here’s a step by step guide to writing a great CV: What is a CV? ‘CV’ stands for ... Read More »

Cover letter tips – How to write a great cover letter

Cover letter tips - How to write a great cover letter

Whenever you apply for a new job, often you need to send a great cover letter along with your CV. The cover letter is giving you the opportunity to introduce yourself to your potential employer in more creative and different way than the CV. Before you start writing a cover letter Before you start writing a cover letter, you need to prepare. Here are some tips on how to do it: Think about your experience ... Read More »

How to cope with unemployment

Unemployment is a stressful experience that destroys self-confidence, creates financial problems, and in some cases brings with it depression and problems in the family. Here are some tips that can help to ease the consequences of unemployment or the best – to defeat it: React immediately. Whether you just lost your job or you just took a diploma from the ... Read More »

5 signs that you had a successful job interview

signs that you had a successful job interview

You’ve probably read a lot of tips on how to introduce yourself to a job interview, how to dress, what to say, how to answer the difficult questions etc. And you’ve been to the interview, it has finished and now you wait. In your head you repeatedly go again and again throughout the interview and you are rethinking the answers ... Read More »

Boost your confidence

Confidence is a wonderful feature of everyone’s character. It is your ally when you want to smile of the unknown guy on the bar, to be introduced yourself excellent on a job interviews or to oppose to your boss. Each of us can increase our confidence, and here’s how. Discover your good qualities and abilities. Confidence should be stimulated and constantly reinforcing. To do ... Read More »

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