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8 proven ways that help fight cellulite naturally

8 proven ways that help fight cellulite

It’s a fact, almost every woman had to deal with cellulite at least once in her life. Most women wonder why they get cellulite and the answer is that it’s usually genetic, but also it can be due to  hormonal disorders, unhealthy diet, very little physical activity and stress. If you decide to fight and eventually get rid of cellulite, ... Read More »

Tips and recipe for soft and firm hands

It’s said that the years of a woman are shown by her hands, so your hands also need everyday care. So here are few tips: 1. Put on rubber gloves when using soap and detergents. When the weather starts to get cold, put gloves when going out for a walk. The cold will dehydrate the skin. . 2. Avoid long ... Read More »

14 nourishing homemade face masks

Natural and nourishing homemade face masks

Making a homemade face mask is more easy and simple than you think. Homemade face masks are also natural, inexpensive and you can DIY one in couple of minutes with a products that you already have in your pantry or your fridge. So here are a few nourishing homemade face masks that you can do at home and that will ... Read More »

18 homemade nourishing hair masks

18 nourishing homemade hair masks

We all want to have a beautiful, healthy and shiny hair. But with all the hair dyeing, bleaching and everyday use of heating tools, our hair gets dry, damaged and brittle. To maintain a beautiful and healthy hair requires a lot of care and attention and that’s where our trusted nourishing homemade hair masks come in. DIY hair masks are ... Read More »

11 beauty tricks

Every women has her own trick about beauty and styling. Some of them are really good and some of them are carzy bur effective. Here are 10 tricks that you might not know: 1. Warm the eye pencil or lip pencil for a better result. You can do it either with your hands or using the hair dryer. The result is more ... Read More »

How to determine the skin type

Skin care start with a knowledge of skin. Look good in the mirror. Try to determine the advantages and disadvantages with which nature has endowed you. Analyze your face shape, eyes, nose, chin, eyebrows and determine your skin type. To be able to more accurately to determine whether your skin is oily or dry first major clean it of all makeup and powder, ... Read More »

Choose the best eyeshadow shades for your eye color

Choose the best eyeshadow shades for your eye color

The method of putting makeup on your eyes is constantly changing and it’s becoming an art, but if you know the basic rules you will always be able to create your own make-up art on your eyes. Basic rules for applying eye makeup One common rule is to experiment with darker, bolder makeup during the night, and to keep it fresh, natural and simple ... Read More »

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