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Everything you need to know about a job interview

Everything you need to know about job interview

What is the idea of a job interview?

The idea of the job interview is to find yourself face to face with a potential employer. He will deliver a series of questions and will give you the opportunity to give the answers to these questions and ultimately, leave you space for you to ask questions.

Everything you need to know about job interviewWhat is expected of you?

On the job interview you will be asked questions related to the position and the company. Firstly, The person who makes the job interview usually wants to check whether you have completed the ‘homework’ like, have you done research on the company for the area in which you want to work and which tasks and skills are expected of you. Secondly, you can ask specific questions like how to deal in a particular situation. And thirdly, you are expected to show interest in the company and the position that you want to take.

Which are the typical stages of job interview?

The first stage of job interview is called ‘breaking the ice’. When you enter the room, you will find someone at the reception who will take you to the person who will conduct the interview. When you meet with him, he will ask you a simple questions about how are you, how you travel to the company and other basic questions. This way, he gives you the opportunity to relax. Then the whole process becomes more formal. If the interviewer is more experienced, he can pinpoint the stages of the job interview that are very important, so you won’t be so tense on every question. Often the last stage of the interview includes your questions.

What you should wear on a job interview?

Most of the time before the job interview, people are re-thinking what to wear. And you need to do it right, because the first impression is very important. The clothing that you choose depends on the company. If this is a big company as a bank, you’ll need to select an official and formal clothes, and if you go in smaller company or IT departments you can choose more casual clothing, but still official and formal. It is not a bad idea when they call you to invite you for interview, to ask them what is the dress code of the company. But even if you don’t know what is the dress code, black pants, black shoes and formal shirt always do the trick.

When to arrive to the job interview?

Usually when people go too excited for a job interview, they arrive much earlier to leave a good impression. But don’t do that. If you arrive 30 minutes or 1 hour earlier, you’ll be thinking about the job interview the whole time and that will make you more tense and stressed. You should go to the place where the interview will be, up to 10 minutes earlier. Another rule that you should follow is never to be late. Learn exactly where the company is, and calculate how long it will take you to get there.

How to behave on the job interview?

Many people would advise you not to be too serious, but it isn’t nice to add too much humor in the conversation. You should keep in mind that it is a job interview and you should be presented as a professional. The other extreme you have to avoid is not to be arrogant. Don’t be too confident and don’t act too smart. Have a respect for those who do the interview.

What’s the best way to ‘promote’ yourself?

The best way to stand out at a job interview and show that you are suitable person for the position, is to make a little research. If the company has a website, visit it or search for articles about the company. If you have good knowledge of the company you will impress your potential employer. Find out who will conduct the interview and remember his name. Be prepared to answer the most typical job interview questions. Finally, ask questions that will express your enthusiasm.

What questions you should expect?

Apart from the standard questions, like your education or work experience, don’t be surprised if they ask you questions, like how you’ll deal with certain situation, related to the position for which you apply. For example, how do you motivate a stubborn employee at the previous job, or did you had a good relationship with colleagues when you do a teamwork etc. You may be asked to play a role, for example, to imagine yourself in a given situation and you should show how to deal with a problem (for example: angry customer). You may also be asked some awkward questions and you need to calmly find a suitable answer. Often the hardest questions are those who lead to more questions, so be prepared.

What can you ask?

Your potential employer will expect you to ask many questions. These questions should be related to the position you apply. Don’t be afraid to ask how your average workday will look. This question will show your interest in the position.

What you shouldn’t ask?

Some of the questions that you shouldn’t be asking are: ‘How many paid days do I have when I’m sick?’, ‘Should I get here every day at 9 o’clock?’, ‘Can I leave early on Friday?’ etc. It is completely wrong if you ask questions like this. Your prospective employer will feel that they can’t have confidence in you.

Do you have to write notes?

Very often during the interview you may not have the opportunity to write notes, but if you want to write some, ask if it’s OK to do so. The interviewer will probably allow you. Once you exit the interview, write everything that comes to your mind especially things that might be useful to you in the future.

How long a job interview lasts?

How long the job interview will last depends on the position you apply and the company. Usually, job interviews last about 30 minutes to an hour, so they can get to know you.

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