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Christmas gift ideas for him

Christmas gift ideas for men

Christmas is a time when we try our best to find the appropriate gift for our loved ones. But finding the perfect gift especially for the men in our lives can be a bit tricky.

Of course, you can always directly ask your partner, dad or brother what he wants for Christmas, but in this case the surprise element will missing, and you must admit that it is half the fun of unwrapping a great gift. And sometimes this is not always the ideal solution, given the fact that most men say that they don’t want anything.

The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the hunt for the perfect gift. Let it be a fun mission, rather than a nervous torture. We suggest a few tips and ideas:

Christmas gift ideas for men

Think about his hobbies and interests: Is he athletic or his interest is focused on the latest products of modern technology? Do not ignore the details in his house and his room. Browse through his home library, if he likes to read.  The clues that should guide you are his interests. Also remember his favorite color and food, preferred music and film genre or style of dressing.

Be creative with your gift: Let your imagination roam free. Remember your moments together, your personal conversations and jokes , things which meaning and symbolism only the two of you know. Be creative, both in the selection of the gift and in the gift wrapping. Remember to add a card with a creative message.

Talk to his friends: Friends can be of real help when it comes to the perfect gift for a loved one. Feel free to ask them for an advice, but be careful not to ruin the surprise. Friends often have similar interests so they will make the task of choosing a gift easier for you.

Don’t rush with large and expensive gifts: If you are in a relationship for couple of weeks, choose a small, but nice gift. If you still do not know him too well to select the ideal gift, play the safe card. Choose a good drink that both can enjoy. Depending on the season, you can choose a cool T-shirt or a hat with an interesting inscription.

Here are a couple of gift ideas depending on his style and interests:

Gift ideas for the Artist:

Try to find a signed ​poster of his favorite band or a book. Ask yourself who is his favorite artist and you will have an idea about the ideal gift for your partner.

Biography of his favorite author or artist or perhaps a portfolio book from his favorite photographer. An interesting piece of art like an unusual wall clock or figurine is the gift that will definitely bring a smile to his face.

Another gift ideas are an interesting picture, unusual book holders or handmade souvenirs.

Gift ideas for the Businessman:

Career oriented men have an impeccable appearance and styling. A great gift choice is an electric shaver or trimmer.

You can also choose a nice tie or cuff buttons with an interesting design. Or perhaps a new laptop bag is exactly what he needs at the moment.

Leather wallet, quality pen and leather planner are another Christmas gift ideas that you should consider.

Gift ideas for the Sportsman:

If he is an athlete or he likes sports, a basketball or football ball (if you can find a signed one from his favorite athlete will be a great bonus) would be an excellent gift.

A jersey of his favorite player or team, and a cap with the logo of his favorite club is always good and pleasant way to surprise the sports fanatic.

Gift ideas for the Geek:

Unique computer mouse or gaming keyboard are ideal gifts if he likes to spend some of his free time on the computer.

If he really enjoys modern technology, a great headphones or unusual gadgets for the computer can be the perfect choice.

If he is a real fan of comic books, it’s time to give him a mini-collection of his favorites.

Gift ideas for the Chef:

If his interest is focused on experimenting in the kitchen and tasting a gourmet specialties then a great cooking book, funny apron or kitchen knives set is a great gift option.

Special beer glassware, a quality bottle of wine, interesting wine opener, a collection of selected spices, interesting tequila glasses or cocktail shaker are several options ideal for the men that like good food.

If you want to make the gift really memorable, surprise him with homemade cookies or cake.

Gift ideas for the Adventurist:

If he likes to spend his time outdoors, he enjoy hiking or extreme sports, then a quality pocket knife would be the ideal gift.

A quality water bottle or a backpack is a great choice if he likes to hike, run or ride a bike. For the extremely adventurous types – helmet, tent or sleeping bag would be a real delight.

A couple more Christmas gift ideas for him:

Social guys will enjoy a gift like chess, backgammon or set of poker chips, which will be entertaining for him and his friends.
A nice wristwatch (sports or elegant depending on his style), sunglasses, perfume or wallet are a great gift ideas for men.
A good quality whiskey or other kind of liquor with glasses is appropriate gift that men accept with pleasure.

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