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How to quit smoking?

There is no one who does not know that smoking is harmful to the health. Some people choose to stay away from this addiction, but often people forget the fact that cigarettes can be deadly, and they continue to enjoy every cigarette. On the other hand, today more and more smokers are trying to quit smoking. Some of them do it due ... Read More »

18 Tips to reduce stress and stop anxiety

18 Tips to reduce stress and stop anxiety

We are aware that stress is a major enemy of our health and beauty, and yet we all accept it in our daily lives as something normal, we don’t try any tips for reducing stress and we don’t try to minimize its harmful effects. The truth is that the stress relief and reducing anxiety may be easier and more fun than you ... Read More »

Happiness is like the letter ‘U’

Happiness is like the letter 'U'

Scientists say that happiness in people’s lives is moving in a ‘U’ line. This means that young people up to 25 years and older people over 65 are the happiest, and the most unhappy people are the middle aged. The reason for this is that young person in his early 20ties feels carefree and full of hope for good future, ... Read More »

Men are cause for most fights in the relationship

Disputes are a normal occurrence in every relationship. But when they become a verbal fight, women are the ones who suffer more because they feel more sorrow and pain than men. Scientists have confirmed that women are more upset during arguments and they take arguments more seriosly. The same study found that women have a reason to be bothered, because ... Read More »

5 Good ways to refresh your long-term relationship

5 Good ways to refresh your long-term relationship

When you are in a long-term relationship, you often forget about the world around you. Do you spend every Saturday evening hugging in front of the TV? You don’t remember the last time you two were out together with your friends? Then it’s time for a little change. Refresh your long-term relationship, start to socialize more and have more fun together. ... Read More »

Baby=104 sexual acts

According to British sexologists for a woman to get pregnant she must have had previously at least 104 sex acts with a man who will become the father of her child. Woman’s body gradually adapts to the birth. Over three thousand British mothers participated in the experiment. According to the results the average couple should have sex at least one ... Read More »

Breastfeeding makes your baby smarter

Breastfeeding your babies can help them achieve educational success after 10 years of age, new research suggests. Researchers found that children who were breastfed at least for six months do better in math, reading, writing and spelling. The effect is most pronounced in boys. It is believed that the relationship that builds between mother and baby during breastfeeding may mean that women are more cautious and more willing to support their children at a later stage of their lives. Boys are more responsive to human attention, which explains why breastfeeding has a greater effect on them. The authors of the study, also argue that breast milk may have substances that help the brain to develop. This effect may be more pronounced in boys, since they lack female hormones that are known that protect the brain. Read More »

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