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Bruxism (teeth grinding) – Causes and how to help yourself

Bruxism (teeth grinding) - Causes and how to help yourself

Do you clench your jaw and grind your teeth when you’re stressed and anxious? Does your partner complain that you grind your teeth loudly while you sleep? If yes, you suffer from bruxism. Although most people don’t pay attention to this condition, it shouldn’t be ignored. Learn more about bruxism, recognize the symptoms and help yourself. Important! If you think that you ... Read More »

Oils most suitable for human skin

The oils from this group have a composition similar to the human skin oils. They are absorbed and well accepted by the skin. Almond Oil Almond oil is a classic skin favorite – it penetrates into the skin very well and is suitable for all skin types and all ages. Its lipid composition is closest to the human one and because ... Read More »

What if the condom breaks?

what if the condom breaks

Condoms are the most widely used method of contraception and the only way to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases. But it does not make it 100% safe. Although it is not common, broken condom while you’re having intercourse still happens. In such a case you shouldn’t panic but be prepared.   When you should get concerned? If you determine that the ... Read More »

Genital warts (Condylomata acuminata)

Genital warts (Condylomata acuminata)

Condylomata acuminata or genital warts  are a small growths with a smooth surface. This condition is caused by HPV virus (Human Papillomavirus) which is sexually transmitting and it’s common nowadays. Important! Consult your gynecologist or your doctor immediately if you think that you have genital warts.  How genital warts look like? Genital warts look like small, soft, pale pink pimples and usually ... Read More »

Full Brazilian waxing

full Brazilian waxing

Removing unwanted hair all over the body is part of the female life. Modern women want to have a smooth body constantly, and the best way to  achieve it  is with waxing. When we hear about waxing, the very first thought is pain. Yes, waxing is painful, but is one of the most effective ways to have smooth and silky skin for 3-4 ... Read More »

Oils with rich composition of polyunsaturated fatty acids used in cosmetics

Wheat germ oil It is very nourishing for dry and aging skin. Of all the oils, it is the richest in vitamin E and germ lecithin, minerals, phytosterols, macro-and micronutrients, thats why it has characteristic odor. Vitamin E helps to enrich the cells with oxygen and protects them from harmful substances, slows the skin aging and the lecithin cares for the skin freshness and ... Read More »

Cosmetic acne and blackheads

The main goal of any cosmetics is to beautify a woman, but sometimes it has the opposite effect. And it is often represented as acne and blackheads. Even the most superficial overview of cosmetics, which are widely advertised in shop windows and on television show that on the market are offered many products which contain ingredients that can cause acne and blackheads. ... Read More »

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