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Why are my joints cracking?

Why are my joints cracking

With the beginning of autumn and winter the humidity in the air increases. In many people this is the period when the joints begin to crack.

Arthritis are a group of diseases in which there is a primary inflammation of one or more joints. The reason can be disrupted function of the immune system and the triggering cause for the illness can be a common cold, injury or stress.

Important! If you feel any kind of pain or discomfort in your joints, consult your doctor immediately!

Why are my joints cracking

Arthritis can occur at any age, but the most difficult and dangerous type of arthritis is the rheumatic arthritis (affects people in their most active age, between 30 and 50 years).

Women suffer 3 times more often than men because their hormones can enhance inflammation. If arthritis is not treated, it can lead to disability.

Osteoarthritis is also a group of diseases, but they begin with a change in the tissues of the joint, often in the elderly or after a trauma. They are related with restricting the movements of the patient and also causing pain and inflammation.

For the treatment of joint pain the most commonly used are the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Also, arthritis can be treated with the so-called ‘basic drugs’ that normalize the activity of the immune response. There are drugs that are introduced into the patient as an injection as well as others that are plant-based – most often they contain extracts from soy and avocado.

Today in the treatment of arthritis there is a new approach, the so called biological products (they should not be confused with dietary supplements!) which are advanced and quite expensive. They affect the molecules that are involved in the inflammation.

Tips to joint pain relief

1. Follow your doctor’s recommendations strictly taking the prescribed medications.

2. Avoid contacts with sick people /of infectious diseases/ because they can cause inflammation of the joints.

3. Avoid the cold – joints must always be ‘on warm’. Use gloves and warm socks.

4. Too much warming procedures may cause exacerbation of pain.

5. A lot of physical exercises is dangerous for the joints. If you need to load your body, consult your doctor before.

6. Eat regular and balanced food. You should include in your diet: tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and more vegetables in general. Reduce the use of butter and margarine. Omega-6 fatty acids can increase the inflammation in the joints, while carrot juice, celery and cabbage can reduce the joint pain.

7. Take more vitamins, especially vitamin C.

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