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Romantic Valentine’s day gift ideas

valentines day gift ideas

February 14th is the day when couples celebrate love and romance. If you are overwhelmed by love and giving gifts, then you surely plan a nice way to surprise your loved one. Instead of buying a whole pre-wrapped gift, you can buy one basic thing and add a touch of creativity to make the gift more special. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive to be memorable, it just need to be given with love. Here are some romantic Valentine’s day gift ideas which will help you to create unforgettable and memorable night.

Romantic Valentine's day gift ideas

Valentine’s day gift idea #1: Recreate your first date

The first date is always sentimental and unforgettable. If you’re together for a long time, maybe you’ve already forgotten the details of your first date. To refresh your memory and restore the passion that you felt then, recreate the evening when you’ve met and talked for the first time. Book a table at the restaurant where you went for your first date or sit at the same spot at the bar where you first talked and had a drink. Even if your first date wasn’t that romantic and wonderful, you now have a second chance to correct it and to have a really unforgettable night.

Valentine’s day gift idea #2: Photo album of your relationship

Gather pictures from different occasions when you were together and had a fantastic time. Choose the best and arrange them in a lovely photo album in chronological order. Do not fill the entire album, fill just a half of it. You’ll fill the blank pages of the other half together with photos of the years that will come. On the inside cover write something special and personal from the heart. You can also fill the album with little things that are connected to wonderful memories, like the movie tickets when you had an amazing time or you can press a flower that he/she randomly picked and gave to you on a romantic walk in the park etc, just fill the album with beautiful memories of your relationship.

Valentine’s day gift idea #3: Love notes

With these love notes you’ll promise your loved one that you’ll do whatever the note says whenever he/she wants it. Take a beautiful paper and cut it in small hearts or any shape that you want, you can make as many love notes as you like. On each love note write something that you’ll do like a kiss, going for a romantic walk, going to the movies, going to dinner, having a bath together etc, things that you’ll do when your partner hands you the note back. Tie them with a red ribbon and give them to your partner. If you already have a gift, these love notes can be a great addition to the Valentine’s day gift. It will depend on your partner when he/she will decide to use the love notes. This is a great Valentine’s day gift idea because it will give you many more romantic nights throughout the year and not just for Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s day gift idea #4: Box with heart shaped cookies

Anyone loves home baked goodies, so a great Valentine’s day gift idea is to surprise your loved one with heart shaped cookies. There are tons of recipes of heart cookies out there, you just need to pick your favorite one. If you’re not much of a baker, you can also find recipes for no bake cookies or candies. Put each cookie in cellophane or paper cookie bag and tie them with red decorative ribbon. On each ribbon you can also tie a note with love quote or you can write something personal. Buy a beautiful gift box from a craft store or even better – do it yourself, and arrange the cookies in the box. You can also add more things to the box like red paper hearts, red sparkly confetti, rose petals etc.

Valentine’s day gift idea #5: Heart shaped pizza

You surely know the quote that the way to the man’s heart is through his stomach. So maybe a good Valentine’s day gift idea is to stay at home and prepare a wonderful romantic dinner for two. If you’re not very skilled in cooking, there is no easier and tastier meal than a pizza. You don’t even have to make the dough, just buy a pre-made pizza dough and put whatever you like on top. But to make things more interesting and romantic, shape the dough into a heart shape – you can form the heart with a knife or with your hands. Arrange toppings following the shape of the heart, bake it and enjoy. If you’re not really sure about baking, you can probably order a heart shaped pizza or you can just go out for a romantic dinner.

Valentine’s day gift idea #6: Personalized coffee or tea mug

Personalized mugs are an item that can be given as a gift for any holiday and any occasion because you can decorate them however you want, so they’re a perfect Valentine’s day gift idea. Take a white ceramic mug (or any light colored mug will probably work) and clean the outside with rubbing alcohol to remove any impurity or oils and leave it dry for a few minutes. Take a permanent markers, but you be aware that the color of some permanent markers may fade during baking, only black markers usually stay as they are. You can draw or write whatever you want on your mug – hearts, love quote, something personal etc. After you’re finished designing your mug, leave the design to dry at least 12 hours (overnight is great). If you make an error you can easily remove it with a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol. The next day put your mug on a baking tray and in a cold oven. Turn the oven to 425 degrees (220 degrees Celsius) and bake the mug for 30 minutes. To turn it in a beautiful Valentine’s day gift, you can fill it with love notes, heart candies, hot chocolate mix etc. You can also tie a red ribbon on the handle and add a personal love card.

Valentine’s day gift idea #7: Red hot surprise

If you decide to go to a romantic dinner out, then you’ll probably want to make an unforgettable sensual surprise to your partner when you get back home. For this Valentine’s day surprise you’ll need just a few items like sexy lingerie, heart shaped balloons, box of chocolates, maybe a bottle of champagne and everything else is up to you. Champagne and chocolate are known to be an aphrodisiac food and beverage, so you can enjoy a passionate evening together. This is probably the easiest Valentine’s day gift idea that will make you both happy.

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